Anope IRC Services  Version 1.8
Data Fields
chaninfo_ Struct Reference

#include <services.h>

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Data Fields

char name [CHANMAX]
char founderpass [PASSMAX]
char * desc
char * url
char * email
time_t time_registered
time_t last_used
char * last_topic
char last_topic_setter [NICKMAX]
time_t last_topic_time
uint32 flags
char * forbidby
char * forbidreason
int16 bantype
uint16 accesscount
uint16 akickcount
uint32 mlock_on
uint32 mlock_off
uint32 mlock_limit
char * mlock_key
char * mlock_flood
char * mlock_redirect
char * mlock_throttle
char * entry_message
MemoInfo memos
struct channel_c
uint32 botflags
uint16 bwcount
int16 capsmin
int16 capspercent
int16 floodlines
int16 floodsecs
int16 repeattimes
char * founder
char * successor
char * bi
int16 accesscount
int16 akickcount
char * mlock_joinrate
int16 bwcount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 652 of file services.h.

Field Documentation

ChanAccess * chaninfo_::access
int16 chaninfo_::accesscount

Definition at line 180 of file epona2anope.c.

uint16 chaninfo_::accesscount
AutoKick * chaninfo_::akick
int16 chaninfo_::akickcount

Definition at line 182 of file epona2anope.c.

uint16 chaninfo_::akickcount
BadWord * chaninfo_::badwords
int16 chaninfo_::bantype
char* chaninfo_::bi

Definition at line 236 of file db-merger.c.

char * chaninfo_::bi
uint32 chaninfo_::botflags
int16 chaninfo_::bwcount

Definition at line 195 of file epona2anope.c.

uint16 chaninfo_::bwcount
struct channel_* chaninfo_::c
int16 chaninfo_::capsmin
int16 chaninfo_::capspercent
char * chaninfo_::desc
char * chaninfo_::email
char * chaninfo_::entry_message
uint32 chaninfo_::flags
int16 chaninfo_::floodlines
int16 chaninfo_::floodsecs
char * chaninfo_::forbidby
char * chaninfo_::forbidreason
char* chaninfo_::founder

Definition at line 209 of file db-merger.c.

char * chaninfo_::founder
char chaninfo_::founderpass
char * chaninfo_::last_topic
char chaninfo_::last_topic_setter
time_t chaninfo_::last_topic_time
time_t chaninfo_::last_used
int16 * chaninfo_::levels
MemoInfo chaninfo_::memos
char * chaninfo_::mlock_flood
char* chaninfo_::mlock_joinrate

Definition at line 188 of file epona2anope.c.

Referenced by main().

char * chaninfo_::mlock_key
uint32 chaninfo_::mlock_limit
uint32 chaninfo_::mlock_off
uint32 chaninfo_::mlock_on
char * chaninfo_::mlock_redirect
char* chaninfo_::mlock_throttle

Definition at line 686 of file services.h.

Referenced by cs_get_throttle(), cs_set_throttle(), delchan(), and get_chanserv_stats().

ModuleData* chaninfo_::moduleData
char chaninfo_::name

Definition at line 654 of file services.h.

Referenced by _common_unban(), access_del(), access_list(), akick_list(), akick_view(), alpha_insert_chan(), badwords_list(), bot_join(), bot_kick(), bot_raw_ban(), bot_raw_kick(), bot_raw_mode(), botchanmsgs(), canBanUser(), chan_adduser2(), check_ban(), check_topiclock(), cs_findchan(), cs_remove_nick(), db_mysql_load_cs_dbase(), db_mysql_save_cs_info(), delchan(), do_access(), do_act(), do_akick(), do_alist(), do_assign(), do_badwords(), do_ban(), do_clear(), do_cs_kick(), do_cs_topic(), do_deowner(), do_drop(), do_enforce_cmode_R(), do_enforce_restricted(), do_fantasy(), do_forbid(), do_getkey(), do_getpass(), do_identify(), do_info(), do_kickcmd(), do_levels(), do_list(), do_moo(), do_owner(), do_register(), do_say(), do_sendpass(), do_set(), do_set_bantype(), do_set_desc(), do_set_email(), do_set_entrymsg(), do_set_founder(), do_set_keeptopic(), do_set_mlock(), do_set_noexpire(), do_set_opnotice(), do_set_password(), do_set_peace(), do_set_private(), do_set_restricted(), do_set_secure(), do_set_securefounder(), do_set_secureops(), do_set_signkick(), do_set_successor(), do_set_topiclock(), do_set_url(), do_set_xop(), do_suspend(), do_unassign(), do_unsuspend(), do_util(), do_xop(), expire_chans(), listchans(), load_cs_dbase(), main(), makechan(), memo_send_from(), mSaveData(), my_cs_appendtopic(), my_cs_enforce(), rageircd_cmd_bot_unban(), save_cs_dbase(), save_cs_rdb_dbase(), send_bot_channels(), unassign(), viagra_cmd_bot_unban(), xop_del(), and xop_list().

ChannelInfo * chaninfo_::next
ChannelInfo * chaninfo_::prev

Definition at line 653 of file services.h.

Referenced by alpha_insert_chan(), delchan(), load_cs_dbase(), and main().

int16 chaninfo_::repeattimes
char* chaninfo_::successor

Definition at line 210 of file db-merger.c.

char * chaninfo_::successor
time_t chaninfo_::time_registered
int16 * chaninfo_::ttb
char * chaninfo_::url

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