Anope IRC Services  Version 1.8
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1 /* Prototypes and external variable declarations.
2  *
3  * (C) 2003-2014 Anope Team
4  * Contact us at
5  *
6  * Please read COPYING and README for further details.
7  *
8  * Based on the original code of Epona by Lara.
9  * Based on the original code of Services by Andy Church.
10  *
11  *
12  */
14 #ifndef EXTERN_H
15 #define EXTERN_H
17 #ifndef _WIN32
18 #define E extern
19 #define EI extern
20 #else
22 #define E extern __declspec(dllexport)
23 #define EI extern __declspec(dllimport)
24 #else
25 #define E extern __declspec(dllimport)
26 #define EI extern __declspec(dllexport)
27 #endif
28 #endif
30 #include "slist.h"
32 E void ModuleRunTimeDirCleanUp(void);
35 E char *uplink;
37 /* IRC Variables */
43 E int UseTSMODE; /* hack to get around bahamut clones that don't send TSMODE */
44 EI unsigned long umodes[128];
45 E char csmodes[128];
50 E char *IRCDModule;
53 /**** actions.c ****/
55 E void kill_user(char *source, char *user, char *reason);
56 E void bad_password(User * u);
57 E void sqline(char *mask, char *reason);
58 E void common_unban(ChannelInfo * ci, char *nick);
59 E void common_unban_full(ChannelInfo * ci, char *nick, boolean full);
60 E void common_svsmode(User * u, char *modes, char *arg);
62 /**** botserv.c ****/
65 E int nbots;
66 E void get_botserv_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
67 E void bs_init(void);
68 E void botserv(User *u, char *buf);
69 E void botmsgs(User *u, BotInfo *bi, char *buf);
70 E void botchanmsgs(User *u, ChannelInfo *ci, char *buf);
71 E void load_bs_dbase(void);
72 E void save_bs_dbase(void);
73 E void save_bs_rdb_dbase(void);
74 E BotInfo *makebot(char *nick);
75 E BotInfo *findbot(char *nick);
76 E void bot_join(ChannelInfo *ci);
77 E void bot_rejoin_all(BotInfo *bi);
78 E char *normalizeBuffer(char *);
79 E void unassign(User * u, ChannelInfo * ci);
80 E void insert_bot(BotInfo * bi);
82 E void bot_raw_ban(User * requester, ChannelInfo * ci, char *nick, char *reason);
83 E void bot_raw_kick(User * requester, ChannelInfo * ci, char *nick, char *reason);
84 E void bot_raw_mode(User * requester, ChannelInfo * ci, char *mode, char *nick);
86 /**** channels.c ****/
90 E void add_ban(Channel * chan, char *mask);
91 E void chan_adduser2(User * user, Channel * c);
92 E void add_invite(Channel * chan, char *mask);
93 E void chan_delete(Channel * c);
94 E void del_ban(Channel * chan, char *mask);
95 E void chan_set_throttle(Channel * chan, char *value);
96 E void chan_set_key(Channel * chan, char *value);
97 E void set_limit(Channel * chan, char *value);
98 E void del_invite(Channel * chan, char *mask);
99 E char *get_key(Channel * chan);
100 E char *get_limit(Channel * chan);
101 E Channel *chan_create(char *chan, time_t ts);
102 E Channel *join_user_update(User * user, Channel * chan, char *name, time_t chants);
104 E void add_exception(Channel * chan, char *mask);
105 E void del_exception(Channel * chan, char *mask);
106 E char *get_flood(Channel * chan);
107 E void set_flood(Channel * chan, char *value);
108 E char *get_throttle(Channel * chan);
109 E void set_throttle(Channel * chan, char *value);
110 E char *get_redirect(Channel * chan);
111 E void set_redirect(Channel * chan, char *value);
112 E char *get_unkwn(Channel * chan);
113 E void set_unkwn(Channel *chan, char *value);
116 E void get_channel_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
117 E Channel *findchan(const char *chan);
118 E Channel *firstchan(void);
119 E Channel *nextchan(void);
121 E void chan_deluser(User * user, Channel * c);
123 E int is_on_chan(Channel * c, User * u);
124 E User *nc_on_chan(Channel * c, NickCore * nc);
126 E char *chan_get_modes(Channel * chan, int complete, int plus);
127 E void chan_set_modes(const char *source, Channel * chan, int ac,
128  char **av, int check);
130 E int chan_get_user_status(Channel * chan, User * user);
131 E int chan_has_user_status(Channel * chan, User * user, int16 status);
132 E void chan_remove_user_status(Channel * chan, User * user, int16 status);
133 E void chan_set_user_status(Channel * chan, User * user, int16 status);
135 E int get_access_level(ChannelInfo * ci, NickAlias * na);
136 E const char *get_xop_level(int level);
138 E void do_cmode(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
139 E void do_join(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
140 E void do_kick(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
141 E void do_part(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
142 E void do_sjoin(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
143 E void do_topic(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
144 E void do_mass_mode(char *modes);
146 E void chan_set_correct_modes(User * user, Channel * c, int give_modes);
147 E void restore_unsynced_topics(void);
149 E Entry *entry_create(char *mask);
150 E Entry *entry_add(EList *list, char *mask);
151 E void entry_delete(EList *list, Entry *e);
152 E EList *list_create();
153 E int entry_match(Entry *e, char *nick, char *user, char *host, uint32 ip);
154 E int entry_match_mask(Entry *e, char *mask, uint32 ip);
155 E Entry *elist_match(EList *list, char *nick, char *user, char *host, uint32 ip);
156 E Entry *elist_match_mask(EList *list, char *mask, uint32 ip);
157 E Entry *elist_match_user(EList *list, User *u);
158 E Entry *elist_match_user_full(EList *list, User *u, boolean full);
159 E Entry *elist_find_mask(EList *list, char *mask);
160 E long get_memuse(EList *list);
163 #define whosends(ci) ((!(ci) || !((ci)->botflags & BS_SYMBIOSIS) || !(ci)->bi || !(ci)->c || (ci)->c->usercount < BSMinUsers) ? s_ChanServ : (ci)->bi->nick)
165 /**** chanserv.c ****/
171 E void listchans(int count_only, const char *chan);
172 E void get_chanserv_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
174 E int delchan(ChannelInfo * ci);
175 E void alpha_insert_chan(ChannelInfo * ci);
176 E void reset_levels(ChannelInfo * ci);
177 E void cs_init(void);
178 E void chanserv(User * u, char *buf);
179 E void load_cs_dbase(void);
180 E void save_cs_dbase(void);
181 E void save_cs_rdb_dbase(void);
182 E void expire_chans(void);
183 E void cs_remove_nick(const NickCore * nc);
184 E void cs_remove_bot(const BotInfo * bi);
186 E int is_real_founder(User * user, ChannelInfo * ci);
188 E void check_modes(Channel * c);
189 E int check_valid_admin(User * user, Channel * chan, int servermode);
190 E int check_valid_op(User * user, Channel * chan, int servermode);
191 E int check_should_op(User * user, char *chan);
192 E int check_should_voice(User * user, char *chan);
193 E int check_should_halfop(User * user, char *chan);
194 E int check_should_owner(User * user, char *chan);
195 E int check_should_protect(User * user, char *chan);
196 E int check_kick(User * user, char *chan, time_t chants);
197 E void record_topic(const char *chan);
198 E void restore_topic(char *chan);
199 E int check_topiclock(Channel * c, time_t topic_time);
201 E ChannelInfo *cs_findchan(const char *chan);
202 E int check_access(User * user, ChannelInfo * ci, int what);
203 E int is_founder(User * user, ChannelInfo * ci);
204 E int get_access(User * user, ChannelInfo * ci);
206 E void update_cs_lastseen(User * user, ChannelInfo * ci);
207 E int get_idealban(ChannelInfo * ci, User * u, char *ret, int retlen);
208 E AutoKick *is_stuck(ChannelInfo * ci, char *mask);
209 E void stick_mask(ChannelInfo * ci, AutoKick * akick);
210 E void stick_all(ChannelInfo * ci);
211 E char *cs_get_flood(ChannelInfo * ci);
212 E void cs_set_flood(ChannelInfo * ci, char *value);
213 E char *cs_get_throttle(ChannelInfo * ci);
214 E void cs_set_throttle(ChannelInfo * ci, char *value);
215 E char *cs_get_key(ChannelInfo * ci);
216 E void cs_set_key(ChannelInfo * ci, char *value);
217 E char *cs_get_limit(ChannelInfo * ci);
218 E void cs_set_limit(ChannelInfo * ci, char *value);
219 E char *cs_get_redirect(ChannelInfo * ci);
220 E void cs_set_redirect(ChannelInfo * ci, char *value);
221 E char *cs_get_unkwn(ChannelInfo * ci);
222 E void cs_set_unkwn(ChannelInfo * ci, char *value);
225 E ChannelInfo *makechan(const char *chan);
226 E int is_identified(User * user, ChannelInfo * ci);
227 E char *get_mlock_modes(ChannelInfo * ci, int complete);
228 E void CleanAccess(ChannelInfo *ci);
230 /**** compat.c ****/
234 # define snprintf my_snprintf
235 # endif
236 # define vsnprintf my_vsnprintf
237 E int vsnprintf(char *buf, size_t size, const char *fmt, va_list args);
238 E int snprintf(char *buf, size_t size, const char *fmt, ...);
239 #endif
241 E int stricmp(const char *s1, const char *s2);
242 E int strnicmp(const char *s1, const char *s2, size_t len);
243 #endif
244 #if !HAVE_STRDUP
245 E char *strdup(const char *s);
246 #endif
247 #if !HAVE_STRSPN
248 E size_t strspn(const char *s, const char *accept);
249 #endif
251 E char *strerror(int errnum);
252 #endif
254 char *strsignal(int signum);
255 #endif
256 #ifdef _WIN32
257 char *sockstrerror(int error);
258 #endif
260 /**** config.c ****/
271 E char *LocalHost;
274 E char *ServerName;
275 E char *ServerDesc;
280 E char *LogChannel;
282 E int NickLen;
284 E char *s_NickServ;
285 E char *s_ChanServ;
286 E char *s_MemoServ;
287 E char *s_BotServ;
288 E char *s_HelpServ;
289 E char *s_OperServ;
291 E char *s_DevNull;
301 E char *HostDBName;
303 E char *s_HostServ;
304 E void load_hs_dbase(void);
305 E void save_hs_dbase(void);
306 E void save_hs_rdb_dbase(void);
307 E int do_on_id(User * u);
308 E void delHostCore(char *nick);
309 E void hostserv(User * u, char *buf);
332 E char *NickDBName;
334 E char *ChanDBName;
335 E char *BotDBName;
336 E char *OperDBName;
338 E char *NewsDBName;
362 E char *Numeric;
364 E int UseTS6;
366 E char **HostSetters;
369 E int UseMail;
371 E char *SendFrom;
438 E int LogBot;
472 E int parse_directive(Directive * d, char *dir, int ac, char *av[MAXPARAMS], int linenum, int reload, char *s);
514 E char **Ulines;
517 #ifdef USE_RDB
518 E int rdb_init();
519 E int rdb_open();
520 E int rdb_close();
521 E char *rdb_quote(char *str);
522 E int rdb_tag_table(char *table);
523 E int rdb_tag_table_where(char *table, char *clause);
524 E int rdb_empty_table(char *table);
525 E int rdb_clean_table(char *table);
526 E int rdb_clean_table_where(char *table, char *clause);
527 E int rdb_scrub_table(char *table, char *clause);
528 E int rdb_direct_query(char *query);
529 E int rdb_ns_set_display(char *newnick, char *oldnick);
530 E int rdb_save_ns_core(NickCore * nc);
531 E int rdb_save_ns_alias(NickAlias * na);
532 E int rdb_save_ns_req(NickRequest * nr);
533 E int rdb_save_cs_info(ChannelInfo * ci);
534 E int rdb_save_bs_core(BotInfo * bi);
535 E int rdb_save_hs_core(HostCore * hc);
536 E int rdb_save_os_db(unsigned int maxucnt, unsigned int maxutime,
537  SList * ak, SList * sgl, SList * sql, SList * szl);
538 E int rdb_save_news(NewsItem * ni);
540 E int rdb_load_bs_dbase(void);
541 E int rdb_load_hs_dbase(void);
542 E int rdb_load_ns_dbase(void);
543 E int rdb_load_dbases(void);
544 #endif
546 #ifdef USE_MYSQL
547 E char *MysqlHost;
548 E char *MysqlUser;
549 E char *MysqlPass;
550 E char *MysqlName;
551 E int MysqlPort;
552 E char *MysqlSock;
553 E char *MysqlSecure;
554 E int MysqlRetries;
555 E int MysqlRetryGap;
556 E int UseRDB;
557 #endif
559 E int read_config(int reload);
562 E int DefCon[6];
563 E int checkDefCon(int level);
564 E void resetDefCon(int level);
575 E long unsigned int UserKey1;
576 E long unsigned int UserKey2;
577 E long unsigned int UserKey3;
579 /**** encrypt.c ****/
580 E char *EncModule;
581 E int enc_encrypt(const char *src, int len, char *dest, int size);
582 E int enc_encrypt_check_len(int passlen, int bufsize);
583 E int enc_decrypt(const char *src, char *dest, int size);
584 E int enc_check_password(const char *plaintext, const char *password);
585 E void encmodule_encrypt(int (*func)(const char *src, int len, char *dest, int size));
586 E void encmodule_encrypt_check_len(int (*func)(int passlen, int bufsize));
587 E void encmodule_decrypt(int (*func)(const char *src, char *dest, int size));
588 E void encmodule_check_password(int (*func)(const char *plaintext, const char *password));
590 /**** helpserv.c ****/
591 E void helpserv(User * u, char *buf);
592 E void helpserv_init(void);
594 /**** hostserv.c ****/
595 E void get_hostserv_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
596 E void hostserv_init(void);
597 E void addHostCore(char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost, char *creator, int32 tmp_time);
598 E char *getvIdent(char *nick);
599 E char *getvHost(char *nick);
600 E int is_host_remover(User * u);
601 E int is_host_setter(User *u);
603 E HostCore *findHostCore(HostCore * head, char *nick, boolean * found);
604 E HostCore *createHostCorelist(HostCore * next, char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vHost, char *creator, int32 tmp_time);
605 E HostCore *insertHostCore(HostCore * head, HostCore * prev, char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vHost, char *creator, int32 tmp_time);
607 E void set_lastmask(User * u);
609 /**** init.c ****/
611 E void introduce_user(const char *user);
612 E int init_primary(int ac, char **av);
613 E int init_secondary(int ac, char **av);
614 E void init_tertiary();
617 /**** ircd.c ****/
618 E void pmodule_set_mod_current_buffer(void (*func) (int ac, char **av));
619 E void pmodule_cmd_svsnoop(void (*func) (char *server, int set));
620 E void pmodule_cmd_remove_akill(void (*func) (char *user, char *host));
621 E void pmodule_cmd_topic(void (*func) (char *whosets, char *chan, char *whosetit, char *topic, time_t when));
622 E void pmodule_cmd_vhost_off(void (*func) (User * u));
623 E void pmodule_cmd_akill(void (*func) (char *user, char *host, char *who, time_t when, time_t expires, char *reason));
624 E void pmodule_cmd_svskill(void (*func) (char *source, char *user, char *buf));
625 E void pmodule_cmd_svsmode(void (*func) (User * u, int ac, char **av));
626 E void pmodule_cmd_372(void (*func) (char *source, char *msg));
627 E void pmodule_cmd_372_error(void (*func) (char *source));
628 E void pmodule_cmd_375(void (*func) (char *source));
629 E void pmodule_cmd_376(void (*func) (char *source));
630 E void pmodule_cmd_nick(void (*func) (char *nick, char *name, char *modes));
631 E void pmodule_cmd_guest_nick(void (*func) (char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes));
632 E void pmodule_cmd_mode(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *buf));
633 E void pmodule_cmd_bot_nick(void (*func) (char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes));
634 E void pmodule_cmd_kick(void (*func) (char *source, char *chan, char *user, char *buf));
635 E void pmodule_cmd_notice_ops(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *buf));
636 E void pmodule_cmd_notice(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *buf));
637 E void pmodule_cmd_notice2(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *msg));
638 E void pmodule_cmd_privmsg(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *buf));
639 E void pmodule_cmd_privmsg2(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *msg));
640 E void pmodule_cmd_serv_notice(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *msg));
641 E void pmodule_cmd_serv_privmsg(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *msg));
642 E void pmodule_cmd_bot_chan_mode(void (*func) (char *nick, char *chan));
643 E void pmodule_cmd_351(void (*func) (char *source));
644 E void pmodule_cmd_quit(void (*func) (char *source, char *buf));
645 E void pmodule_cmd_pong(void (*func) (char *servname, char *who));
646 E void pmodule_cmd_join(void (*func) (char *user, char *channel, time_t chantime));
647 E void pmodule_cmd_unsqline(void (*func) (char *user));
648 E void pmodule_cmd_invite(void (*func) (char *source, char *chan, char *nick));
649 E void pmodule_cmd_part(void (*func) (char *nick, char *chan, char *buf));
650 E void pmodule_cmd_391(void (*func) (char *source, char *timestr));
651 E void pmodule_cmd_250(void (*func) (char *buf));
652 E void pmodule_cmd_307(void (*func) (char *buf));
653 E void pmodule_cmd_311(void (*func) (char *buf));
654 E void pmodule_cmd_312(void (*func) (char *buf));
655 E void pmodule_cmd_317(void (*func) (char *buf));
656 E void pmodule_cmd_219(void (*func) (char *source, char *letter));
657 E void pmodule_cmd_401(void (*func) (char *source, char *who));
658 E void pmodule_cmd_318(void (*func) (char *source, char *who));
659 E void pmodule_cmd_242(void (*func) (char *buf));
660 E void pmodule_cmd_243(void (*func) (char *buf));
661 E void pmodule_cmd_211(void (*func) (char *buf));
662 E void pmodule_cmd_global(void (*func) (char *source, char *buf));
663 E void pmodule_cmd_global_legacy(void (*func) (char *source, char *fmt));
664 E void pmodule_cmd_sqline(void (*func) (char *mask, char *reason));
665 E void pmodule_cmd_squit(void (*func) (char *servname, char *message));
666 E void pmodule_cmd_svso(void (*func) (char *source, char *nick, char *flag));
667 E void pmodule_cmd_chg_nick(void (*func) (char *oldnick, char *newnick));
668 E void pmodule_cmd_svsnick(void (*func) (char *source, char *guest, time_t when));
669 E void pmodule_cmd_vhost_on(void (*func) (char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost));
670 E void pmodule_cmd_connect(void (*func) (int servernum));
671 E void pmodule_cmd_bob(void (*func) ());
672 E void pmodule_cmd_svshold(void (*func) (char *nick));
673 E void pmodule_cmd_release_svshold(void (*func) (char *nick));
674 E void pmodule_cmd_unsgline(void (*func) (char *mask));
675 E void pmodule_cmd_unszline(void (*func) (char *mask));
676 E void pmodule_cmd_szline(void (*func) (char *mask, char *reason, char *whom));
677 E void pmodule_cmd_sgline(void (*func) (char *mask, char *reason));
678 E void pmodule_cmd_unban(void (*func) (char *name, char *nick));
679 E void pmodule_cmd_svsmode_chan(void (*func) (char *name, char *mode, char *nick));
680 E void pmodule_cmd_svid_umode(void (*func) (char *nick, time_t ts));
681 E void pmodule_cmd_nc_change(void (*func) (User * u));
682 E void pmodule_cmd_svid_umode2(void (*func) (User * u, char *ts));
683 E void pmodule_cmd_svid_umode3(void (*func) (User * u, char *ts));
684 E void pmodule_cmd_ctcp(void (*func) (char *source, char *dest, char *buf));
685 E void pmodule_cmd_svsjoin(void (*func) (char *source, char *nick, char *chan, char *param));
686 E void pmodule_cmd_svspart(void (*func) (char *source, char *nick, char *chan));
687 E void pmodule_cmd_swhois(void (*func) (char *source, char *who, char *mask));
688 E void pmodule_cmd_eob(void (*func) ());
689 E void pmodule_cmd_jupe(void (*func) (char *jserver, char *who, char *reason));
690 E void pmodule_set_umode(void (*func) (User * user, int ac, char **av));
691 E void pmodule_valid_nick(int (*func) (char *nick));
692 E void pmodule_valid_chan(int (*func) (char *chan));
693 E void pmodule_flood_mode_check(int (*func) (char *value));
694 E void pmodule_jointhrottle_mode_check(int (*func) (char *value));
695 E void pmodule_ircd_var(IRCDVar * ircdvar);
696 E void pmodule_ircd_cap(IRCDCAPAB * cap);
697 E void pmodule_ircd_version(char *version);
698 E void pmodule_ircd_cbmodeinfos(CBModeInfo * modeinfos);
699 E void pmodule_ircd_cumodes(CUMode modes[128]);
700 E void pmodule_ircd_flood_mode_char_set(char *mode);
701 E void pmodule_ircd_flood_mode_char_remove(char *mode);
702 E void pmodule_ircd_cbmodes(CBMode modes[128]);
703 E void pmodule_ircd_cmmodes(CMMode modes[128]);
704 E void pmodule_ircd_csmodes(char mode[128]);
705 E void pmodule_ircd_useTSMode(int use);
706 E void pmodule_invis_umode(int mode);
707 E void pmodule_oper_umode(int mode);
708 E void pmodule_invite_cmode(int mode);
709 E void pmodule_secret_cmode(int mode);
710 E void pmodule_private_cmode(int mode);
711 E void pmodule_key_mode(int mode);
712 E void pmodule_limit_mode(int mode);
713 E void pmodule_permchan_mode(int mode);
717 E int anope_get_key_mode();
718 E int anope_get_limit_mode();
720 E int anope_get_invis_mode();
721 E int anope_get_oper_mode();
724 /**** language.c ****/
730 E void lang_init(void);
731 #define getstring(na,index) \
732  (langtexts[((na)&&((NickAlias*)na)->nc&&!(((NickAlias*)na)->status & NS_VERBOTEN)?((NickAlias*)na)->nc->language:NSDefLanguage)][(index)])
733 #define getstring2(nc,index) \
734  (langtexts[((nc)?((NickCore*)nc)->language:NSDefLanguage)][(index)])
735 E int strftime_lang(char *buf, int size, User * u, int format,
736  struct tm *tm);
737 E void syntax_error(char *service, User * u, const char *command,
738  int msgnum);
741 /**** list.c ****/
743 E void do_listnicks(int ac, char **av);
744 E void do_listchans(int ac, char **av);
747 /**** log.c ****/
749 E int open_log(void);
750 E void close_log(void);
751 E void alog(const char *fmt, ...) FORMAT(printf,1,2);
752 E void log_perror(const char *fmt, ...) FORMAT(printf,1,2);
753 E void fatal(const char *fmt, ...) FORMAT(printf,1,2);
754 E void fatal_perror(const char *fmt, ...) FORMAT(printf,1,2);
756 /**** mail.c ****/
758 E MailInfo *MailBegin(User *u, NickCore *nc, char *subject, char *service);
759 E MailInfo *MailRegBegin(User *u, NickRequest *nr, char *subject, char *service);
761 E void MailEnd(MailInfo *mail);
762 E void MailReset(User *u, NickCore *nc);
763 E int MailValidate(const char *email);
765 /**** main.c ****/
767 E const char version_number[];
769 E const char version_build[];
771 E const char version_flags[];
775 E int debug;
777 E int logchan;
779 E int nofork;
781 E int nothird;
785 #ifdef USE_RDB
786 E int do_mysql;
787 #endif
789 E int is44;
792 E char *quitmsg;
797 E time_t start_time;
799 E void save_databases(void);
800 E void expire_all(void);
801 E void do_backtrace(int show_segheader);
802 E void sighandler(int signum);
803 E void do_restart_services(void);
805 /**** memory.c ****/
807 E void *smalloc(long size);
808 E void *scalloc(long elsize, long els);
809 E void *srealloc(void *oldptr, long newsize);
810 E char *sstrdup(const char *s);
813 /**** memoserv.c ****/
815 E void ms_init(void);
816 E void memoserv(User * u, char *buf);
817 E void check_memos(User * u);
818 E MemoInfo *getmemoinfo(const char *name, int *ischan, int *isforbid);
819 E void memo_send(User * u, char *name, char *text, int z);
820 E void memo_send_from(User * u, char *name, char *text, int z, char *source);
821 E int delmemo(MemoInfo * mi, int num);
823 /**** messages.c ****/
825 E int m_nickcoll(char *user);
826 E int m_away(char *source, char *msg);
827 E int m_kill(char *nick, char *msg);
828 E int m_motd(char *source);
829 E int m_privmsg(char *source, char *receiver, char *msg);
830 E int m_stats(char *source, int ac, char **av);
831 E int m_whois(char *source, char *who);
832 E int m_time(char *source, int ac, char **av);
833 E int m_version(char *source, int ac, char **av);
836 /**** misc.c ****/
838 E int toupper(char);
839 E int tolower(char);
840 E char *strscpy(char *d, const char *s, size_t len);
841 #ifndef HAVE_STRLCPY
842 E size_t strlcpy(char *, const char *, size_t);
843 #endif
844 #ifndef HAVE_STRLCAT
845 E size_t strlcat(char *, const char *, size_t);
846 #endif
847 E char *stristr(char *s1, char *s2);
848 E char *strnrepl(char *s, int32 size, const char *old, const char *new);
849 E char *merge_args(int argc, char **argv);
850 E int match_wild(const char *pattern, const char *str);
851 E int match_wild_nocase(const char *pattern, const char *str);
852 E int dotime(const char *s);
853 E char *duration(NickAlias * na, char *buf, int bufsize, time_t seconds);
854 E char *expire_left(NickAlias * na, char *buf, int len, time_t expires);
855 E void protocol_debug(char *source, char *cmd, int argc, char **argv);
856 E int doValidHost(const char *host, int type);
858 typedef int (*range_callback_t) (User * u, int num, va_list args);
859 E int process_numlist(const char *numstr, int *count_ret,
860  range_callback_t callback, User * u, ...);
862 E int isValidHost(const char *host, int type);
863 E int isvalidchar(const char c);
865 E char *myStrGetToken(const char *str, const char dilim, int token_number);
866 E char *myStrGetOnlyToken(const char *str, const char dilim,
867  int token_number);
868 E char *myStrSubString(const char *src, int start, int end);
869 E char *myStrGetTokenRemainder(const char *str, const char dilim,
870  int token_number);
871 E char *stripModePrefix(const char *str);
872 E int myNumToken(const char *str, const char dilim);
873 E void doCleanBuffer(char *str);
874 E void EnforceQlinedNick(char *nick, char *killer);
875 E int nickIsServices(char *nick, int bot);
877 E void add_entropy_userkeys(void);
878 E void rand_init(void);
879 E unsigned char getrandom8(void);
880 E u_int16_t getrandom16(void);
881 E u_int32_t getrandom32(void);
883 E char *str_signed(unsigned char *str);
885 E void ntoa(struct in_addr addr, char *ipaddr, int len);
887 E char **buildStringList(char *src, int *number);
888 E void binary_to_hex(unsigned char *bin, char *hex, int length);
893 E int str_is_wildcard(const char *str);
894 E int str_is_pure_wildcard(const char *str);
896 E uint32 str_is_ip(char *str);
897 E int str_is_cidr(char *str, uint32 * ip, uint32 * mask, char **host);
900 /**** modules.c ****/
901 E void modules_core_init(int number, char **list);
902 E void modules_unload_all(boolean fini, boolean unload_proto); /* Read warnings near function source */
903 E void moduleCallBackRun(void);
904 E void moduleCleanStruct(ModuleData **moduleData);
905 E void ModuleDatabaseBackup(char *dbname);
906 E void ModuleRemoveBackups(char *dbname);
908 /**** news.c ****/
912 E void get_news_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
913 E void load_news(void);
914 E void save_news(void);
915 E void save_rdb_news(void);
916 E void display_news(User * u, int16 type);
917 E int do_logonnews(User * u);
918 E int do_opernews(User * u);
919 E int do_randomnews(User * u);
921 /**** nickserv.c ****/
926 E NickRequest *findrequestnick(const char *nick);
927 E int delnickrequest(NickRequest * nr);
928 E unsigned int guestnum;
929 E void insert_requestnick(NickRequest * nr);
930 E void alpha_insert_alias(NickAlias * na);
931 E void insert_core(NickCore * nc);
932 E void listnicks(int count_only, const char *nick);
933 E void get_aliases_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
934 E void get_core_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
935 E void collide(NickAlias * na, int from_timeout);
936 E void del_ns_timeout(NickAlias * na, int type);
937 E void change_core_display(NickCore * nc, char *newdisplay);
938 E void release(NickAlias * na, int from_timeout);
939 E int do_setmodes(User * u);
940 E int should_mode_change(int16 status, int16 mode);
942 E void ns_init(void);
943 E void nickserv(User * u, char *buf);
944 E void load_ns_dbase(void);
945 E void load_ns_req_db(void);
946 E void save_ns_dbase(void);
947 E void save_ns_req_dbase(void);
948 E void save_ns_rdb_dbase(void);
949 E void save_ns_req_rdb_dbase(void);
950 E int validate_user(User * u);
951 E void cancel_user(User * u);
952 E int nick_identified(User * u);
953 E int nick_recognized(User * u);
954 E void expire_nicks(void);
955 E void expire_requests(void);
956 EI int ns_do_register(User * u);
957 E int delnick(NickAlias * na);
958 E NickAlias *findnick(const char *nick);
959 E NickCore *findcore(const char *nick);
960 E void clean_ns_timeouts(NickAlias * na);
961 E void nsStartNickTracking(User * u);
962 E void nsStopNickTracking(User * u);
963 E int nsCheckNickTracking(User *u);
965 E int group_identified(User * u, NickCore * nc);
966 E int is_on_access(User * u, NickCore * nc);
968 /**** operserv.c ****/
979 E void operserv(User *u, char *buf);
980 E void os_init(void);
981 E void load_os_dbase(void);
982 E void save_os_dbase(void);
983 E void save_os_rdb_dbase(void);
985 E void os_remove_nick(NickCore *nc);
986 E int is_services_root(User *u);
987 E int is_services_admin(User *u);
988 E int is_services_oper(User *u);
993 E int add_akill(User *u, char *mask, const char *by, const time_t expires, const char *reason);
994 E int check_akill(char *nick, const char *username, const char *host, const char *vhost, const char *ip);
995 E void expire_akills(void);
996 E void oper_global(char *nick, char *fmt, ...);
998 E int add_sgline(User *u, char *mask, const char *by, const time_t expires, const char *reason);
999 E int check_sgline(char *nick, const char *realname);
1000 E void expire_sglines(void);
1002 E int add_sqline(User *u, char *mask, const char *by, const time_t expires, const char *reason);
1003 E int check_sqline(char *nick, int nick_change);
1004 E void expire_sqlines(void);
1005 E int check_chan_sqline(const char *chan);
1007 E int add_szline(User * u, char *mask, const char *by,
1008  const time_t expires, const char *reason);
1009 E void expire_szlines(void);
1010 E int check_szline(char *nick, char *ip);
1012 E Server *server_global(Server * s, char *msg);
1016 E void runDefCon(void);
1017 E int defconParseModeString(const char *str);
1019 /**** process.c ****/
1024 E void add_ignore(const char *nick, time_t delta);
1025 E IgnoreData *get_ignore(const char *nick);
1026 E int delete_ignore(const char *nick);
1027 E int clear_ignores();
1029 E int split_buf(char *buf, char ***argv, int colon_special);
1030 E void process(void);
1032 /**** send.c ****/
1034 E void send_cmd(const char *source, const char *fmt, ...)
1035  FORMAT(printf,2,3);
1036 E void vsend_cmd(const char *source, const char *fmt, va_list args)
1037  FORMAT(printf,2,0);
1039 E void notice_server(char *source, Server * s, char *fmt, ...)
1040  FORMAT(printf,3,4);
1041 E void notice_user(char *source, User *u, const char *fmt, ...)
1042  FORMAT(printf,3,4);
1044 E void notice_list(char *source, char *dest, char **text);
1045 E void notice_lang(char *source, User *dest, int message, ...);
1046 E void notice_help(char *source, User *dest, int message, ...);
1049 /**** servers.c ****/
1057 E Server *first_server(int flags);
1058 E Server *next_server(int flags);
1060 E int is_ulined(char *server);
1061 E int is_sync(Server *server);
1063 E Server *new_server(Server * uplink, const char *name, const char *desc,
1064  uint16 flags, char *suid);
1066 E Server *findserver(Server *s, const char *name);
1068 E void do_server(const char *source, char *servername, char *hops, char *descript, char *numeric);
1069 E void do_squit(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
1070 E void capab_parse(int ac, char **av);
1071 E int anope_check_sync(const char *name);
1073 E void finish_sync(Server *serv, int sync_links);
1075 E void ts6_uid_init(void);
1076 E void ts6_uid_increment(unsigned int slot);
1077 E char *ts6_uid_retrieve(void);
1079 /**** sessions.c ****/
1087 E void get_session_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
1088 E void get_exception_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse);
1090 E int do_session(User *u);
1091 E int add_session(char *nick, char *host, char *hostip);
1092 E void del_session(const char *host);
1094 E void load_exceptions(void);
1095 E void save_exceptions(void);
1096 E void save_rdb_exceptions(void);
1097 E int do_exception(User *u);
1098 E void expire_exceptions(void);
1100 E Session *findsession(const char *host);
1102 E Exception *find_host_exception(const char *host);
1103 E Exception *find_hostip_exception(const char *host, const char *hostip);
1104 E int exception_add(User * u, const char *mask, const int limit,
1105  const char *reason, const char *who,
1106  const time_t expires);
1108 /**** slist.c ****/
1109 E int slist_add(SList *slist, void *item);
1110 E void slist_clear(SList *slist, int free);
1111 E int slist_delete(SList *slist, int index);
1112 E int slist_delete_range(SList *slist, char *range, slist_delcheckcb_t cb, ...);
1113 E int slist_enum(SList *slist, char *range, slist_enumcb_t cb, ...);
1114 E int slist_full(SList *slist);
1115 E int slist_indexof(SList *slist, void *item);
1116 E void slist_init(SList *slist);
1117 E void slist_pack(SList *slist);
1118 E int slist_remove(SList *slist, void *item);
1119 E int slist_setcapacity(SList *slist, int16 capacity);
1121 /**** sockutil.c ****/
1124 E int32 read_buffer_len(void);
1125 E int32 write_buffer_len(void);
1127 E int sgetc(ano_socket_t s);
1128 E char *sgets(char *buf, int len, ano_socket_t s);
1129 E char *sgets2(char *buf, int len, ano_socket_t s);
1130 E int sread(ano_socket_t s, char *buf, int len);
1131 E int sputs(char *str, ano_socket_t s);
1132 E int sockprintf(ano_socket_t s, char *fmt, ...);
1133 E int conn(const char *host, int port, const char *lhost, int lport);
1134 E void disconn(ano_socket_t s);
1136 /**** users.c ****/
1138 E User *userlist[1024];
1144 E void delete_user(User *user);
1146 E void get_user_stats(long *nusers, long *memuse);
1147 E User *finduser(const char *nick);
1148 E User *firstuser(void);
1149 E User *nextuser(void);
1151 E User *find_byuid(const char *uid);
1152 E User *first_uid(void);
1153 E User *next_uid(void);
1154 E Uid *new_uid(const char *nick, char *uid);
1155 E Uid *find_uid(const char *nick);
1156 E Uid *find_nickuid(const char *uid);
1157 E Server *findserver_uid(Server * s, const char *name);
1158 E char *TS6SID;
1159 E char *TS6UPLINK;
1161 E void update_host(User * user);
1162 E void change_user_host(User * user, const char *host);
1163 E void change_user_username(User * user, const char *username);
1164 E void change_user_realname(User * user, const char *realname);
1166 E User *do_nick(const char *source, char *nick, char *username, char *host,
1167  char *server, char *realname, time_t ts, uint32 svid, uint32 ip, char *vhost, char *uid);
1169 E void do_umode(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
1170 E void do_umode2(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
1171 E void do_quit(const char *source, int ac, char **av);
1172 E void do_kill(char *source, char *reason);
1174 E int is_oper(User * user);
1175 E int is_protected(User * user);
1177 E int is_excepted(ChannelInfo * ci, User * user);
1178 E int is_excepted_mask(ChannelInfo * ci, char *mask);
1180 E int match_usermask(const char *mask, User * user);
1181 E int match_usermask_full(const char *mask, User * user, boolean full);
1182 E int match_userip(const char *mask, User * user, char *host);
1183 E void split_usermask(const char *mask, char **nick, char **user,
1184  char **host);
1185 E char *create_mask(User * u);
1187 #ifdef USE_MYSQL
1188 /**** mysql.c ****/
1189 E MYSQL *mysql;
1190 E MYSQL_RES *mysql_res;
1191 E MYSQL_FIELD *mysql_fields;
1192 E MYSQL_ROW mysql_row;
1194 E int db_mysql_init();
1195 E int db_mysql_open();
1196 E int db_mysql_close();
1197 E int db_mysql_query(char *sql);
1198 E char *db_mysql_quote(char *sql);
1199 E char *db_mysql_quote_buffer(char *sql, int size);
1200 E int db_mysql_try(const char *fmt, ...);
1201 E int db_mysql_save_ns_core(NickCore * nc);
1205 E int db_mysql_save_os_db(unsigned int maxucnt, unsigned int maxutime,
1206  SList * ak, SList * sgl, SList * sql,
1207  SList * szl);
1208 E int db_mysql_save_news(NewsItem * ni);
1210 E int db_mysql_save_hs_core(HostCore * hc);
1211 E int db_mysql_save_bs_core(BotInfo * bi);
1212 E int db_mysql_load_bs_dbase(void);
1213 E int db_mysql_load_hs_dbase(void);
1214 E int db_mysql_load_ns_dbase(void);
1215 E int db_mysql_load_ns_req_dbase(void);
1216 E int db_mysql_load_cs_dbase(void);
1217 E int db_mysql_load_os_dbase(void);
1218 E int db_mysql_load_exceptions(void);
1219 E int db_mysql_load_news(void);
1220 E unsigned int mysql_rand(void);
1221 #endif
1223 E void privmsg(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...);
1224 E void notice(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...);
1226 /******************************************************************************/
1228 E int anope_set_mod_current_buffer(int ac, char **av);
1230 E void anope_cmd_211(const char *fmt, ...); /* 211 */
1231 E void anope_cmd_219(char *source, char *who); /* 219 */
1232 E void anope_cmd_242(const char *fmt, ...); /* 242 */
1233 E void anope_cmd_243(const char *fmt, ...); /* 243 */
1234 E void anope_cmd_250(const char *fmt, ...); /* 250 */
1235 E void anope_cmd_307(const char *fmt, ...); /* 307 */
1236 E void anope_cmd_311(const char *fmt, ...); /* 311 */
1237 E void anope_cmd_312(const char *fmt, ...); /* 312 */
1238 E void anope_cmd_317(const char *fmt, ...); /* 317 */
1239 E void anope_cmd_318(char *source, char *who); /* 318 */
1240 E void anope_cmd_351(char *source); /* 351 */
1241 E void anope_cmd_372(char *source, char *msg); /* 372 */
1242 E void anope_cmd_372_error(char *source); /* 372 */
1243 E void anope_cmd_375(char *source); /* 375 */
1244 E void anope_cmd_376(char *source); /* 376 */
1245 E void anope_cmd_391(char *source, char *timestr); /* 391 */
1246 E void anope_cmd_401(char *source, char *who); /* 401 */
1247 E void anope_cmd_akill(char *user, char *host, char *who, time_t when, time_t expires, char *reason); /* AKILL */
1248 E void anope_cmd_vhost_on(char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost); /* CHGHOST + CHGIDENT */
1249 E void anope_cmd_vhost_off(User *u);
1250 E void anope_cmd_connect(int servernum); /* Connect */
1251 E void anope_cmd_bob();
1252 E void anope_cmd_global(char *source, const char *fmt, ...); /* GLOBOPS */
1253 E void anope_cmd_invite(char *source, char *chan, char *nick); /* INVITE */
1254 E void anope_cmd_join(char *user, char *channel, time_t chantime); /* JOIN */
1255 E void anope_cmd_kick(char *source, char *chan, char *user, const char *fmt, ...); /* KICK */
1256 E void anope_cmd_mode(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...); /* MODE */
1257 E void anope_cmd_unban(char *name, char *nick); /* MODE -b */
1258 E void anope_cmd_bot_chan_mode(char *nick, char *chan); /* MODE BotServ */
1259 E void anope_cmd_nick(char *nick, char *name, char *mode); /* NICK */
1260 E void anope_cmd_chg_nick(char *oldnick, char *newnick); /* NICK */
1261 E void anope_cmd_bot_nick(char *nick, char *user,char *host,char *real,char *modes); /* NICK */
1262 E void anope_cmd_guest_nick(char *nick, char *user,char *host,char *real,char *modes); /* NICK */
1263 E void anope_cmd_notice(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...); /* NOTICE */
1264 E void anope_cmd_notice_ops(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...); /* NOTICE */
1265 E void anope_cmd_notice2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg); /* NOTICE */
1266 E void anope_cmd_serv_notice(char *source, char *dest, char *msg); /* NOTICE */
1267 E void anope_cmd_part(char *nick, char *chan, const char *fmt, ...); /* PART */
1268 E void anope_cmd_pong(char *servname, char *who); /* PONG */
1269 E void anope_cmd_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...); /* PRIVMSG */
1270 E void anope_cmd_action(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...); /* PRIVMSG */
1271 E void anope_cmd_privmsg2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg); /* PRIVMSG */
1272 E void anope_cmd_serv_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, char *msg); /* PRIVMSG */
1273 E void anope_cmd_quit(char *source, const char *fmt, ...); /* QUIT */
1274 E void anope_cmd_remove_akill(char *user, char *host); /* RAKILL */
1275 E void anope_cmd_sgline(char *mask, char *reason); /* SGLINE */
1276 E void anope_cmd_sqline(char *mask, char *reason); /* SQLINE */
1277 E void anope_cmd_szline(char *mask, char *reason, char *whom); /* SZLINE */
1278 E void anope_cmd_squit(char *servname, char *message); /* SQUIT */
1279 E void anope_cmd_svshold(char *nick); /* SVSHOLD */
1280 E void anope_cmd_release_svshold(char *nick); /* SVSHOLD */
1281 E void anope_cmd_svsjoin(char *source, char *nick,char *chan, char *param); /* SVSJOIN */
1282 E void anope_cmd_svskill(char *source,char *user, const char *fmt, ...); /* SVSKILL */
1283 E void anope_cmd_svsmode(User * u, int ac, char **av); /* SVSMODE */
1284 E void anope_cmd_svsmode_chan(char *name, char *mode, char *nick); /* SVSMODE */
1285 E void anope_cmd_svsnick(char *nick,char *newnick, time_t when); /* SVSNICK */
1286 E void anope_cmd_svsnoop(char *server, int set); /* SVSNOOP */
1287 E void anope_cmd_svso(char *source,char *nick, char *flag); /* SVSO */
1288 E void anope_cmd_svspart(char *source, char *nick,char *chan); /* SVSPART */
1289 E void anope_cmd_swhois(char *source, char *who, char *mask); /* SWHOIS */
1290 E void anope_cmd_topic(char *whosets, char *chan, char *whosetit, char *topic, time_t when); /* TOPIC */
1291 E void anope_cmd_unsgline(char *mask); /* UNSGLINE */
1292 E void anope_cmd_unsqline(char *user); /* UNSQLINE */
1293 E void anope_cmd_unszline(char *mask); /* UNSZLINE */
1294 E void anope_cmd_eob(); /* EOB - end of burst */
1295 E void anope_cmd_ctcp(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt, ...); /* CTCP */
1297 EI int anope_event_482(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1298 EI int anope_event_436(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1299 EI int anope_event_away(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1300 EI int anope_event_ping(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1301 EI int anope_event_motd(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1302 EI int anope_event_join(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1303 EI int anope_event_kick(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1304 EI int anope_event_kill(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1305 EI int anope_event_mode(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1306 EI int anope_event_tmode(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1307 EI int anope_event_quit(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1308 EI int anope_event_squit(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1309 EI int anope_event_topic(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1310 EI int anope_event_whois(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1311 EI int anope_event_part(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1312 EI int anope_event_server(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1313 EI int anope_event_sid(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1314 EI int anope_event_nick(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1315 EI int anope_event_bmask(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1316 EI int anope_event_gnotice(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1317 EI int anope_event_privmsg(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1318 EI int anope_event_capab(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1319 EI int anope_event_sjoin(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1320 EI int anope_event_cs(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1321 EI int anope_event_hs(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1322 EI int anope_event_ms(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1323 EI int anope_event_ns(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1324 EI int anope_event_os(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1325 EI int anope_event_vs(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1326 EI int anope_event_svinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1327 EI int anope_event_chghost(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1328 EI int anope_event_sethost(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1329 EI int anope_event_chgident(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1330 EI int anope_event_setident(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1331 EI int anope_event_chgname(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1332 EI int anope_event_setname(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1333 EI int anope_event_svsinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1334 EI int anope_event_snick(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1335 EI int anope_event_vhost(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1336 EI int anope_event_tkl(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1337 EI int anope_event_eos(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1338 EI int anope_event_eob(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1339 EI int anope_event_pass(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1340 EI int anope_event_netinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1341 EI int anope_event_error(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1342 EI int anope_event_netctrl(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1343 EI int anope_event_notice(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1344 EI int anope_event_snotice(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1345 EI int anope_event_sqline(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1346 EI int anope_event_smo(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1347 EI int anope_event_myid(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1348 EI int anope_event_vctrl(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1349 EI int anope_event_tctrl(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1350 EI int anope_event_snetinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1351 EI int anope_event_umode2(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1352 EI int anope_event_globops(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1353 EI int anope_event_swhois(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1354 EI int anope_event_burst(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1355 EI int anope_event_luserslock(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1356 EI int anope_event_admin(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1357 EI int anope_event_credits(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1358 EI int anope_event_rehash(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1359 EI int anope_event_sdesc(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1360 EI int anope_event_netglobal(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1361 EI int anope_event_invite(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1362 E int anope_event_null(char *source, int ac, char **av);
1364 E void anope_set_umode(User * user, int ac, char **av);
1365 E void anope_cmd_svid_umode(char *nick, time_t ts);
1366 E void anope_cmd_svid_umode2(User *u, char *ts);
1367 E void anope_cmd_svid_umode3(User *u, char *ts);
1368 E void anope_cmd_nc_change(User *u);
1369 E int anope_flood_mode_check(char *value);
1370 E int anope_jointhrottle_mode_check(char *value);
1372 E void anope_cmd_jupe(char *jserver, char *who, char *reason);
1374 E void anope_cmd_global_legacy(char *source, char *fmt);
1375 E void wallops(char *source, const char *fmt, ...);
1377 E int anope_valid_nick(char *nick);
1378 E int anope_valid_chan(char *chan);
1380 E char *common_get_vident(User *u);
1381 E char *common_get_vhost(User *u);
1382 E char *send_token(char *token1, char *token2);
1383 E char *base64enc(long i);
1384 E long base64dec(char *b64);
1385 E long base64dects(char *ts);
1386 E int b64_encode(char *src, size_t srclength, char *target, size_t targsize);
1387 E int b64_decode(char *src, char *target, size_t targsize);
1388 E char *encode_ip(unsigned char *ip);
1389 E int decode_ip(char *buf);
1391 #define Anope_Free(x) if ((x) != NULL) free(x)
1393 E char *host_resolve(char *host);
1395 E void event_message_process(char *eventbuf);
1396 E void eventprintf(char *fmt, ...);
1397 E void event_process_hook(const char *name, int argc, char **argv);
1398 E void send_event(const char *name, int argc, ...);
1400 #ifdef _WIN32
1401 E char *GetWindowsVersion(void) ;
1402 E int SupportedWindowsVersion(void);
1403 #endif
1405 #endif /* EXTERN_H */
EI int anope_event_snetinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ultimate2.c:1488
E int is_oper(User *user)
Definition: users.c:937
E char ** BotServCoreModules
Definition: extern.h:491
E void E void E void notice_server(char *source, Server *s, char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E int32 usercnt
Definition: extern.h:1140
E void save_hs_rdb_dbase(void)
Definition: hostserv.c:530
E char * LocalHost
Definition: extern.h:271
E void pmodule_cmd_vhost_off(void(*func)(User *u))
Definition: ircd.c:713
E char * sgets(char *buf, int len, ano_socket_t s)
Definition: sockutil.c:410
E int KeepBackups
Definition: extern.h:350
E char * getvIdent(char *nick)
Definition: hostserv.c:330
E int RemotePort2
Definition: extern.h:266
E char * quitmsg
Definition: extern.h:792
E time_t maxusertime
Definition: extern.h:1142
E void hostserv_init(void)
Definition: hostserv.c:73
E void encmodule_encrypt_check_len(int(*func)(int passlen, int bufsize))
Definition: encrypt.c:26
E void insert_bot(BotInfo *bi)
Definition: db-merger.c:1972
E int WallExceptionExpire
Definition: extern.h:465
E void pmodule_permchan_mode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1206
E void set_redirect(Channel *chan, char *value)
Definition: channels.c:2022
E int isValidHost(const char *host, int type)
Definition: misc.c:614
E Exception * find_hostip_exception(const char *host, const char *hostip)
Definition: sessions.c:366
E int CSMaxReg
Definition: extern.h:403
E void get_channel_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: channels.c:459
E int add_sgline(User *u, char *mask, const char *by, const time_t expires, const char *reason)
Definition: operserv.c:973
E Uid * find_uid(const char *nick)
Definition: users.c:453
E size_t strspn(const char *s, const char *accept)
Definition: compat.c:106
E int WallOSAkill
Definition: extern.h:454
E void save_rdb_exceptions(void)
Definition: sessions.c:478
E CBMode cbmodes[128]
Definition: extern.h:47
int rdb_save_exceptions(Exception *e)
Definition: rdb.c:488
E void anope_cmd_svsjoin(char *source, char *nick, char *chan, char *param)
Definition: ircd.c:624
E void MailReset(User *u, NickCore *nc)
Definition: mail.c:276
E int32 opcnt
Definition: extern.h:1140
E void split_usermask(const char *mask, char **nick, char **user, char **host)
Definition: users.c:1085
E void process(void)
Definition: process.c:307
E char * strdup(const char *s)
Definition: compat.c:94
E char * RemotePassword3
Definition: extern.h:270
E int MaxSessionKill
Definition: extern.h:506
E User * nextuser(void)
Definition: users.c:364
E int process_numlist(const char *numstr, int *count_ret, range_callback_t callback, User *u,...)
Definition: misc.c:292
E void pmodule_cmd_svspart(void(*func)(char *source, char *nick, char *chan))
Definition: ircd.c:1056
char * MysqlSecure
Definition: config.c:316
E int NSRestrictGetPass
Definition: extern.h:398
E void get_core_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: nickserv.c:183
E void doCleanBuffer(char *str)
Definition: misc.c:800
E void do_topic(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: channels.c:1249
E int is_on_access(User *u, NickCore *nc)
Definition: nickserv.c:1289
E int nick_is_services_admin(NickCore *nc)
Definition: operserv.c:636
E void eventprintf(char *fmt,...)
Definition: events.c:66
E CBModeInfo * cbmodeinfos
Definition: extern.h:48
E void delete_user(User *user)
Definition: users.c:195
E char * ExceptionDBName
Definition: extern.h:509
E void do_server(const char *source, char *servername, char *hops, char *descript, char *numeric)
Definition: servers.c:360
E void anope_cmd_211(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:493
E void ModuleDatabaseBackup(char *dbname)
Definition: datafiles.c:732
E int LogBot
Definition: extern.h:438
E void pmodule_cmd_notice2(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *msg))
Definition: ircd.c:798
E int init_primary(int ac, char **av)
Definition: init.c:428
E int check_should_op(User *user, char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:1375
E char * desc_NickServ
Definition: extern.h:292
E char * desc_DevNullAlias
Definition: extern.h:327
E int entry_match_mask(Entry *e, char *mask, uint32 ip)
Definition: channels.c:2310
E char * RemotePassword
Definition: extern.h:264
int db_mysql_save_ns_alias(NickAlias *na)
Definition: mysql.c:462
E char * DefConTimeOut
Definition: extern.h:566
E void cs_remove_nick(const NickCore *nc)
Definition: chanserv.c:1814
E void anope_cmd_guest_nick(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes)
Definition: ircd.c:205
E EList * list_create()
Definition: channels.c:2251
E void addHostCore(char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost, char *creator, int32 tmp_time)
Definition: hostserv.c:291
E char * SendFrom
Definition: extern.h:371
E char * desc_GlobalNoticer
Definition: extern.h:298
E void expire_all(void)
Definition: main.c:102
E void close_log(void)
Definition: log.c:109
E int CSListMax
Definition: extern.h:411
E IRCDCAPAB * ircdcap
Definition: extern.h:40
E int CSDefBantype
Definition: extern.h:405
E int WallOSClearmodes
Definition: extern.h:452
E int doValidHost(const char *host, int type)
Definition: misc.c:529
E void pmodule_cmd_bot_chan_mode(void(*func)(char *nick, char *chan))
Definition: ircd.c:827
E uint32 cidr_to_netmask(uint16 cidr)
Definition: misc.c:1501
E int readonly
Definition: extern.h:776
E int ExceptionExpiry
Definition: extern.h:505
E size_t strlcpy(char *, const char *, size_t)
Definition: misc.c:1293
E int match_wild_nocase(const char *pattern, const char *str)
Definition: misc.c:268
EI int anope_event_ms(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:600
E void set_lastmask(User *u)
Definition: hostserv.c:647
int db_mysql_save_exceptions(Exception *e)
Definition: mysql.c:991
E int get_access_level(ChannelInfo *ci, NickAlias *na)
Definition: chanserv.c:2601
E void insert_core(NickCore *nc)
Definition: nickserv.c:1370
E int WarningTimeout
Definition: extern.h:347
E int RestrictOperNicks
Definition: extern.h:359
E void chan_set_user_status(Channel *chan, User *user, int16 status)
Definition: channels.c:362
E int nick_is_services_root(NickCore *nc)
Definition: operserv.c:623
E void do_squit(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: servers.c:398
E int SQLineExpiry
Definition: extern.h:442
E int snprintf(char *buf, size_t size, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: compat.c:37
E int m_time(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: messages.c:71
E int SZLineExpiry
Definition: extern.h:443
E void anope_cmd_part(char *nick, char *chan, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:367
E int chan_has_user_status(Channel *chan, User *user, int16 status)
Definition: channels.c:124
E int WallSQLineExpire
Definition: extern.h:463
char * MysqlName
Definition: config.c:314
E int BotServCoreNumber
Definition: extern.h:492
E int ModulesNumber
Definition: extern.h:478
E HostCore * createHostCorelist(HostCore *next, char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vHost, char *creator, int32 tmp_time)
Definition: hostserv.c:131
E void save_bs_rdb_dbase(void)
Definition: botserv.c:523
E NickAlias * findnick(const char *nick)
Definition: db-merger.c:1857
E int WallSGLineExpire
Definition: extern.h:462
E int OperServCoreNumber
Definition: extern.h:495
MYSQL_FIELD * mysql_fields
Definition: mysql.c:21
E void set_throttle(Channel *chan, char *value)
E void anope_cmd_szline(char *mask, char *reason, char *whom)
Definition: ircd.c:584
E int anope_event_null(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: messages.c:441
E char ** HelpServCoreModules
Definition: extern.h:485
E void pmodule_cmd_351(void(*func)(char *source))
Definition: ircd.c:832
E void encmodule_encrypt(int(*func)(const char *src, int len, char *dest, int size))
Definition: encrypt.c:20
E void load_exceptions(void)
Definition: sessions.c:394
E void cs_set_throttle(ChannelInfo *ci, char *value)
Definition: chanserv.c:2520
E int slist_delete_range(SList *slist, char *range, slist_delcheckcb_t cb,...)
Definition: slist.c:129
E void wallops(char *source, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: send.c:327
E void anope_cmd_243(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:480
E int checkDefCon(int level)
Definition: operserv.c:1608
E void expire_szlines(void)
Definition: operserv.c:1495
E char * TS6UPLINK
Definition: extern.h:1159
E int parse_directive(Directive *d, char *dir, int ac, char *av[MAXPARAMS], int linenum, int reload, char *s)
Definition: config.c:680
E u_int16_t getrandom16(void)
Definition: misc.c:1061
EI int anope_event_myid(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: rageircd.c:1417
E char * s_HelpServAlias
Definition: extern.h:315
EI int anope_event_kick(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1019
E CapabInfo capab_info[]
Definition: extern.h:1055
MYSQL_ROW mysql_row
Definition: mysql.c:22
E int DumpCore
Definition: extern.h:354
E void anope_cmd_svshold(char *nick)
Definition: ircd.c:564
E char * RemoteServer2
Definition: extern.h:265
E void operserv(User *u, char *buf)
Definition: operserv.c:129
E void change_user_username(User *user, const char *username)
Definition: users.c:170
E char * s_BotServ
Definition: extern.h:287
E IRCDVar * ircd
Definition: extern.h:39
E void E void vsend_cmd(const char *source, const char *fmt, va_list args) FORMAT(printf
E void get_chanserv_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: chanserv.c:307
E char ** ChanServCoreModules
Definition: extern.h:500
E void sighandler(int signum)
Definition: main.c:329
E int enc_check_password(const char *plaintext, const char *password)
Definition: encrypt.c:95
E uint32 maxusercnt
Definition: extern.h:1141
E int is_identified(User *user, ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2295
E void save_databases(void)
Definition: main.c:145
E char * desc_ChanServ
Definition: extern.h:293
E int NSEmailReg
Definition: extern.h:396
E void pmodule_cmd_nick(void(*func)(char *nick, char *name, char *modes))
Definition: ircd.c:756
E int NickServCoreNumber
Definition: extern.h:498
E void chan_set_key(Channel *chan, char *value)
Definition: channels.c:1998
E int should_mode_change(int16 status, int16 mode)
Definition: nickserv.c:1891
EI int anope_event_vctrl(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ultimate2.c:1478
E int WallSZLineExpire
Definition: extern.h:464
E void get_news_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: news.c:128
E void load_ns_dbase(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:563
E void anope_cmd_svsmode(User *u, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ircd.c:175
E void pmodule_ircd_cmmodes(CMMode modes[128])
Definition: ircd.c:1143
EI int anope_event_chgname(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: inspircd11.c:1361
E char * desc_HostServAlias
Definition: extern.h:328
E void expire_nicks(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:1162
E void do_kick(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: channels.c:638
E unsigned int guestnum
Definition: extern.h:928
E void cs_set_unkwn(ChannelInfo *ci, char *value)
Definition: chanserv.c:2594
E void do_umode2(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: users.c:834
E void pmodule_cmd_372_error(void(*func)(char *source))
Definition: ircd.c:741
E int strnicmp(const char *s1, const char *s2, size_t len)
Definition: compat.c:73
E int anope_valid_chan(char *chan)
Definition: ircd.c:666
int rdb_clean_table_where(char *table, char *clause)
Definition: rdb.c:123
E void helpserv(User *u, char *buf)
Definition: helpserv.c:50
E char * desc_ChanServAlias
Definition: extern.h:321
E void pmodule_valid_nick(int(*func)(char *nick))
Definition: ircd.c:1082
E void botserv(User *u, char *buf)
Definition: botserv.c:82
E void cs_set_limit(ChannelInfo *ci, char *value)
Definition: chanserv.c:2558
E SList servadmins
Definition: extern.h:971
E Entry * elist_match(EList *list, char *nick, char *user, char *host, uint32 ip)
Definition: channels.c:2351
E int anope_flood_mode_check(char *value)
Definition: ircd.c:644
E char * PreNickDBName
Definition: extern.h:333
E int sread(ano_socket_t s, char *buf, int len)
Definition: sockutil.c:475
E int nick_identified(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:1111
E void anope_cmd_invite(char *source, char *chan, char *nick)
Definition: ircd.c:362
E int check_access(User *user, ChannelInfo *ci, int what)
Definition: chanserv.c:1974
#define FORMAT(type, fmt, start)
Definition: defs.h:36
E int BadPassLimit
Definition: extern.h:342
E void ns_init(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:232
E void anope_cmd_global_legacy(char *source, char *fmt)
Definition: ircd.c:519
E void save_os_dbase(void)
Definition: operserv.c:433
E void expire_sqlines(void)
Definition: operserv.c:1323
E Entry * elist_match_user(EList *list, User *u)
Definition: channels.c:2455
E void save_news(void)
Definition: news.c:213
E void pmodule_cmd_kick(void(*func)(char *source, char *chan, char *user, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:780
E void send_cmd(const char *source, const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E char * stripModePrefix(const char *str)
Definition: misc.c:1188
E int WallOSSQLine
Definition: extern.h:456
E void send_event(const char *name, int argc,...)
Definition: events.c:37
E char * sgets2(char *buf, int len, ano_socket_t s)
Definition: sockutil.c:451
E void pmodule_cmd_vhost_on(void(*func)(char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost))
Definition: ircd.c:966
EI int anope_event_admin(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1488
E char * desc_BotServAlias
Definition: extern.h:323
E void pmodule_cmd_svsjoin(void(*func)(char *source, char *nick, char *chan, char *param))
Definition: ircd.c:1048
E void pmodule_cmd_swhois(void(*func)(char *source, char *who, char *mask))
Definition: ircd.c:1061
E char * MOTDFilename
Definition: extern.h:331
E int slist_setcapacity(SList *slist, int16 capacity)
Definition: slist.c:379
E void pmodule_cmd_pong(void(*func)(char *servname, char *who))
Definition: ircd.c:842
E void pmodule_cmd_307(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:879
E char * get_limit(Channel *chan)
Definition: channels.c:1881
E void moduleCallBackRun(void)
Definition: modules.c:1848
E time_t start_time
Definition: extern.h:797
E char * flood_mode_char_set
Definition: extern.h:41
E int delnick(NickAlias *na)
Definition: nickserv.c:1586
E int dotime(const char *s)
Definition: misc.c:364
E void anope_cmd_svid_umode2(User *u, char *ts)
Definition: ircd.c:614
E void pmodule_cmd_211(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:924
E void del_ns_timeout(NickAlias *na, int type)
Definition: nickserv.c:1831
E int NSNickTracking
Definition: extern.h:399
E int DontQuoteAddresses
Definition: extern.h:374
E int do_session(User *u)
Definition: sessions.c:113
E char * desc_OperServ
Definition: extern.h:297
E void set_unkwn(Channel *chan, char *value)
Definition: channels.c:2037
E char csmodes[128]
Definition: extern.h:45
E int sockprintf(ano_socket_t s, char *fmt,...)
Definition: sockutil.c:502
E Entry * elist_match_user_full(EList *list, User *u, boolean full)
Definition: channels.c:2460
E int allow_ignore
Definition: extern.h:1021
E int b64_decode(char *src, char *target, size_t targsize)
Definition: base64.c:165
E char * RemoteServer
Definition: extern.h:262
E void pmodule_cmd_unsqline(void(*func)(char *user))
Definition: ircd.c:853
E int is_ulined(char *server)
Definition: servers.c:495
E char * OperDBName
Definition: extern.h:336
E char * duration(NickAlias *na, char *buf, int bufsize, time_t seconds)
Definition: misc.c:402
int MysqlPort
Definition: config.c:315
E char * desc_DevNull
Definition: extern.h:299
E void pmodule_cmd_sgline(void(*func)(char *mask, char *reason))
Definition: ircd.c:1007
E void encmodule_decrypt(int(*func)(const char *src, char *dest, int size))
Definition: encrypt.c:31
E int WallForbid
Definition: extern.h:467
E int delnickrequest(NickRequest *nr)
Definition: nickserv.c:1554
E int NSSecureAdmins
Definition: extern.h:394
int rdb_save_ns_req(NickRequest *nr)
Definition: rdb.c:277
E void anope_cmd_notice2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: ircd.c:270
E int stricmp(const char *s1, const char *s2)
Definition: compat.c:58
E int NSExpire
Definition: extern.h:381
E void save_ns_rdb_dbase(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:873
E void botchanmsgs(User *u, ChannelInfo *ci, char *buf)
Definition: botserv.c:130
E void pmodule_set_umode(void(*func)(User *user, int ac, char **av))
Definition: ircd.c:1077
E int CSRestrictGetPass
Definition: extern.h:412
E void anope_cmd_nick(char *nick, char *name, char *mode)
Definition: ircd.c:200
E void E void E void E void notice_user(char *source, User *u, const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E int MailDelay
Definition: extern.h:373
E int GlobalOnCycle
Definition: extern.h:430
E Entry * elist_find_mask(EList *list, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:2471
E void pmodule_ircd_cap(IRCDCAPAB *cap)
Definition: ircd.c:1102
E char * NickDBName
Definition: extern.h:332
E char * myStrGetTokenRemainder(const char *str, const char dilim, int token_number)
Definition: misc.c:720
E void anope_cmd_vhost_on(char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost)
Definition: ircd.c:549
E void oper_global(char *nick, char *fmt,...)
Definition: operserv.c:691
E void notice(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: send.c:274
E void anope_cmd_join(char *user, char *channel, time_t chantime)
Definition: ircd.c:352
E char * stristr(char *s1, char *s2)
Definition: misc.c:113
E int nick_is_services_oper(NickCore *nc)
Definition: operserv.c:649
E int UseMail
Definition: extern.h:369
E int check_should_owner(User *user, char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:1435
HostCore * head
Definition: hostserv.c:24
E int slist_enum(SList *slist, char *range, slist_enumcb_t cb,...)
Definition: slist.c:203
int db_mysql_load_bs_dbase(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1122
E void pmodule_cmd_nc_change(void(*func)(User *u))
Definition: ircd.c:1028
E void pmodule_cmd_372(void(*func)(char *source, char *msg))
Definition: ircd.c:736
E int UpdateTimeout
Definition: extern.h:344
E void modules_core_init(int number, char **list)
Definition: modules.c:127
E void moduleCleanStruct(ModuleData **moduleData)
Definition: modules.c:2439
EI int anope_event_quit(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:986
EI int anope_event_umode2(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: unreal32.c:1271
E int clear_ignores()
Definition: process.c:241
E char * HostDBName
Definition: extern.h:301
E char * NSEnforcerUser
Definition: extern.h:386
E int group_identified(User *u, NickCore *nc)
Definition: nickserv.c:1151
E IRCDProto ircdproto
Definition: extern.h:51
E AutoKick * is_stuck(ChannelInfo *ci, char *mask)
Definition: chanserv.c:2666
E long unsigned int UserKey3
Definition: extern.h:577
E int NSModeOnID
Definition: extern.h:397
E void botmsgs(User *u, BotInfo *bi, char *buf)
Definition: botserv.c:107
E int KillonSGline
Definition: extern.h:445
E char * ServerDesc
Definition: extern.h:275
E int slist_full(SList *slist)
Definition: slist.c:287
E int nofork
Definition: extern.h:779
E char * expire_left(NickAlias *na, char *buf, int len, time_t expires)
Definition: misc.c:470
E int NSDefLanguage
Definition: extern.h:378
E void pmodule_cmd_bob(void(*func)())
Definition: ircd.c:976
E void pmodule_ircd_flood_mode_char_remove(char *mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1130
E void load_os_dbase(void)
Definition: operserv.c:276
E void del_session(const char *host)
Definition: sessions.c:265
int MysqlRetries
Definition: config.c:318
EI int anope_event_tkl(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: unreal32.c:1168
E void E void E void E void fatal_perror(const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
int(* range_callback_t)(User *u, int num, va_list args)
Definition: extern.h:858
E void del_invite(Channel *chan, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:1833
E User * find_byuid(const char *uid)
Definition: users.c:378
E char * CSAutokickReason
Definition: extern.h:408
int db_mysql_init()
Definition: mysql.c:56
E void pmodule_cmd_ctcp(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:1043
E void chan_set_modes(const char *source, Channel *chan, int ac, char **av, int check)
Definition: channels.c:161
E void pmodule_cmd_invite(void(*func)(char *source, char *chan, char *nick))
Definition: ircd.c:859
E SList sglines
Definition: extern.h:970
E Channel * firstchan(void)
Definition: channels.c:430
EI int anope_event_smo(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: unreal32.c:1677
EI int anope_event_vs(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: solidircd.c:713
EI int anope_event_snick(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: rageircd.c:479
E int BSMinUsers
Definition: extern.h:422
E void chanserv(User *u, char *buf)
Definition: chanserv.c:389
E int NSRExpire
Definition: extern.h:382
E void anope_cmd_release_svshold(char *nick)
Definition: ircd.c:569
E int DefConLevel
Definition: extern.h:561
int db_mysql_load_os_dbase(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1267
E void pmodule_ircd_var(IRCDVar *ircdvar)
Definition: ircd.c:1097
E char ** langtexts[NUM_LANGS]
Definition: extern.h:726
char * MysqlSock
Definition: config.c:317
E int MSNotifyAll
Definition: extern.h:417
E void do_umode(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: users.c:816
E long base64dec(char *b64)
Definition: base64.c:30
E int anope_get_private_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1231
E void anope_cmd_nc_change(User *u)
Definition: ircd.c:609
E char * GlobalOnCycleUP
Definition: extern.h:433
E int UnRestrictSAdmin
Definition: extern.h:363
E void encmodule_check_password(int(*func)(const char *plaintext, const char *password))
Definition: encrypt.c:36
char * rdb_quote(char *str)
Definition: rdb.c:60
EI int anope_event_sjoin(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:532
E void restore_unsynced_topics(void)
Definition: channels.c:2075
EI int anope_event_server(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:921
E int langlist[NUM_LANGS]
Definition: extern.h:728
E int WallOSKick
Definition: extern.h:453
E Uid * find_nickuid(const char *uid)
Definition: users.c:468
E int check_sqline(char *nick, int nick_change)
Definition: operserv.c:1265
E int do_opernews(User *u)
Definition: news.c:344
int linenum
Definition: langcomp.c:53
E void anope_cmd_akill(char *user, char *host, char *who, time_t when, time_t expires, char *reason)
Definition: ircd.c:156
E void add_invite(Channel *chan, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:1402
E int NSMaxAliases
Definition: extern.h:384
E void stick_mask(ChannelInfo *ci, AutoKick *akick)
Definition: chanserv.c:2694
int rdb_save_os_db(unsigned int maxucnt, unsigned int maxutime, SList *ak, SList *sgl, SList *sql, SList *szl)
Definition: rdb.c:325
E int BSDefFlags
Definition: extern.h:420
E char * NetworkName
Definition: extern.h:281
E int BSKeepData
Definition: extern.h:421
E int anope_get_limit_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1241
E void pmodule_cmd_svsnoop(void(*func)(char *server, int set))
Definition: ircd.c:696
int rdb_load_ns_dbase(void)
Definition: rdb.c:374
E void pmodule_cmd_squit(void(*func)(char *servname, char *message))
Definition: ircd.c:944
E void check_memos(User *u)
Definition: memoserv.c:86
EI int anope_event_sethost(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: inspircd11.c:1418
E void runDefCon(void)
Definition: operserv.c:1648
E void E void E void E void E MailInfo * MailBegin(User *u, NickCore *nc, char *subject, char *service)
Definition: mail.c:93
E char * strscpy(char *d, const char *s, size_t len)
Definition: db-merger.c:1886
E void pmodule_cmd_unsgline(void(*func)(char *mask))
Definition: ircd.c:991
EI unsigned long umodes[128]
Definition: extern.h:44
E int is_on_chan(Channel *c, User *u)
Definition: channels.c:517
E char * get_throttle(Channel *chan)
Definition: channels.c:1867
EI int anope_event_ping(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1300
E void do_restart_services(void)
Definition: main.c:279
EI int anope_event_privmsg(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:932
E char * SessionLimitDetailsLoc
Definition: extern.h:510
E long get_memuse(EList *list)
Definition: channels.c:2491
E int DefConSessionLimit
Definition: extern.h:565
int rdb_load_dbases(void)
Definition: rdb.c:455
#define NUM_LANGS
Definition: services.h:1333
E void unassign(User *u, ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: botserv.c:637
E int nothird
Definition: extern.h:781
E void anope_cmd_242(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:467
unsigned int mysql_rand(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1978
E int is_protected(User *user)
Definition: users.c:924
E int SessionAutoKillExpiry
Definition: extern.h:508
E NickRequest * nrlists[1024]
Definition: extern.h:925
E int CSAutokickMax
Definition: extern.h:407
E CUMode cumodes[128]
Definition: extern.h:49
E void anope_cmd_250(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:387
E int WallOSSGLine
Definition: extern.h:455
E int conn(const char *host, int port, const char *lhost, int lport)
Definition: sockutil.c:553
E void EnforceQlinedNick(char *nick, char *killer)
Definition: misc.c:837
E int add_akill(User *u, char *mask, const char *by, const time_t expires, const char *reason)
Definition: operserv.c:722
E char * get_mlock_modes(ChannelInfo *ci, int complete)
Definition: chanserv.c:130
Definition: services.h:426
E char * NewsDBName
Definition: extern.h:338
E char * IRCDModule
Definition: extern.h:50
E int anope_get_secret_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1226
E char * desc_HostServ
Definition: extern.h:302
E char * DefConChanModes
Definition: extern.h:568
EI int anope_event_squit(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:978
E char * services_dir
Definition: extern.h:773
E char * desc_MemoServ
Definition: extern.h:294
EI int anope_event_svinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:948
E void anope_cmd_375(char *source)
Definition: ircd.c:190
E IgnoreData * ignore
Definition: extern.h:1022
E char * NSEnforcerHost
Definition: extern.h:387
E void bot_raw_kick(User *requester, ChannelInfo *ci, char *nick, char *reason)
Definition: botserv.c:1001
E void syntax_error(char *service, User *u, const char *command, int msgnum)
Definition: language.c:295
E HostCore * findHostCore(HostCore *head, char *nick, boolean *found)
Definition: hostserv.c:180
E int BSSmartJoin
Definition: extern.h:424
E void alpha_insert_alias(NickAlias *na)
Definition: nickserv.c:1338
E int is_excepted_mask(ChannelInfo *ci, char *mask)
Definition: users.c:964
E char * s_GlobalNoticerAlias
Definition: extern.h:317
E void do_backtrace(int show_segheader)
Definition: main.c:729
E void notice_lang(char *source, User *dest, int message,...)
Definition: send.c:169
E int LogMaxUsers
Definition: extern.h:436
EI int anope_event_hs(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:609
E User * first_uid(void)
Definition: users.c:404
E char * cs_get_key(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2447
E void cs_set_redirect(ChannelInfo *ci, char *value)
Definition: chanserv.c:2572
int rdb_save_news(NewsItem *ni)
Definition: rdb.c:338
E char * s_OperServAlias
Definition: extern.h:316
E int BSBadWordsMax
Definition: extern.h:423
E int nick_recognized(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:1131
E ChannelInfo * chanlists[256]
Definition: extern.h:167
E void bad_password(User *u)
Definition: actions.c:24
EI int anope_event_rehash(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1478
E void get_botserv_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: botserv.c:45
EI int anope_event_netinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ultimate2.c:1483
E int NoBackupOkay
Definition: extern.h:340
E int is_sync(Server *server)
Definition: servers.c:516
E void anope_cmd_pong(char *servname, char *who)
Definition: ircd.c:347
E int is_excepted(ChannelInfo *ci, User *user)
Definition: users.c:950
E void pmodule_cmd_jupe(void(*func)(char *jserver, char *who, char *reason))
Definition: ircd.c:1072
E int BSCaseSensitive
Definition: extern.h:426
E void update_host(User *user)
Definition: users.c:104
E void common_unban(ChannelInfo *ci, char *nick)
Definition: actions.c:209
char * MysqlHost
Definition: config.c:311
E int anope_set_mod_current_buffer(int ac, char **av)
Definition: ircd.c:120
E void pmodule_cmd_243(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:919
E char ** HostServCoreModules
Definition: extern.h:482
E void anope_cmd_372(char *source, char *msg)
Definition: ircd.c:180
E Channel * findchan(const char *chan)
Definition: channels.c:394
E void kill_user(char *source, char *user, char *reason)
Definition: actions.c:51
E void do_sjoin(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: channels.c:803
EI int anope_event_eos(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: shadowircd.c:1154
E void os_remove_nick(NickCore *nc)
Definition: operserv.c:566
E void anope_set_umode(User *user, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ircd.c:130
E char * sstrdup(const char *s)
Definition: memory.c:105
E void load_cs_dbase(void)
Definition: chanserv.c:423
E int WallOSGlobal
Definition: extern.h:450
E void release(NickAlias *na, int from_timeout)
Definition: nickserv.c:1705
E void do_join(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: channels.c:556
int rdb_close()
Definition: rdb.c:47
E void * scalloc(long elsize, long els)
Definition: memory.c:55
E void bot_rejoin_all(BotInfo *bi)
Definition: botserv.c:814
E void save_cs_rdb_dbase(void)
Definition: chanserv.c:979
E void anope_cmd_svid_umode3(User *u, char *ts)
Definition: ircd.c:619
E NickCore * findcore(const char *nick)
Definition: nickserv.c:1263
E int OSOpersOnly
Definition: extern.h:1014
E char * SendMailPath
Definition: extern.h:370
E Uid * new_uid(const char *nick, char *uid)
Definition: users.c:435
E int get_idealban(ChannelInfo *ci, User *u, char *ret, int retlen)
Definition: chanserv.c:2380
E char * myStrSubString(const char *src, int start, int end)
Definition: misc.c:753
E int is_services_root(User *u)
Definition: operserv.c:577
int db_mysql_save_news(NewsItem *ni)
Definition: mysql.c:957
E void anope_cmd_401(char *source, char *who)
Definition: ircd.c:457
E int sputs(char *str, ano_socket_t s)
Definition: sockutil.c:488
E char * UlineServers
Definition: extern.h:513
E void anope_cmd_kick(char *source, char *chan, char *user, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:230
E void anope_cmd_topic(char *whosets, char *chan, char *whosetit, char *topic, time_t when)
Definition: ircd.c:145
E void anope_cmd_svsmode_chan(char *name, char *mode, char *nick)
Definition: ircd.c:599
E int SuperAdmin
Definition: extern.h:437
E void introduce_user(const char *user)
Definition: init.c:23
E int WallBadOS
Definition: extern.h:449
E void ts6_uid_increment(unsigned int slot)
Definition: servers.c:598
E char inbuf[BUFSIZE]
Definition: extern.h:793
E int32 read_buffer_len(void)
Definition: sockutil.c:37
E void E void E void fatal(const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E int WallOSJupe
Definition: extern.h:459
E void chan_deluser(User *user, Channel *c)
Definition: channels.c:24
E Exception * exceptions
Definition: extern.h:1081
E int m_nickcoll(char *user)
Definition: messages.c:20
E char * chan_get_modes(Channel *chan, int complete, int plus)
Definition: channels.c:68
E char * cs_get_redirect(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2476
E void pmodule_cmd_375(void(*func)(char *source))
Definition: ircd.c:746
E void anope_cmd_391(char *source, char *timestr)
Definition: ircd.c:382
E void slist_clear(SList *slist, int free)
Definition: slist.c:70
int rdb_save_ns_core(NickCore *nc)
Definition: rdb.c:253
struct smtp_message mail
Definition: smtp.h:125
E char * DefconMessage
Definition: extern.h:571
int db_mysql_save_os_db(unsigned int maxucnt, unsigned int maxutime, SList *ak, SList *sgl, SList *sql, SList *szl)
Definition: mysql.c:819
E void anope_cmd_swhois(char *source, char *who, char *mask)
Definition: ircd.c:634
E void pmodule_key_mode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1196
E Channel * join_user_update(User *user, Channel *chan, char *name, time_t chants)
Definition: channels.c:1910
E void pmodule_cmd_svsnick(void(*func)(char *source, char *guest, time_t when))
Definition: ircd.c:960
E char * s_OperServ
Definition: extern.h:289
E int ReadTimeout
Definition: extern.h:346
E void load_hs_dbase(void)
Definition: hostserv.c:388
E int delete_ignore(const char *nick)
Definition: process.c:179
E int do_randomnews(User *u)
Definition: news.c:351
EI int anope_event_kill(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1009
E int check_akill(char *nick, const char *username, const char *host, const char *vhost, const char *ip)
Definition: operserv.c:847
E int BadPassTimeout
Definition: extern.h:343
E int enc_encrypt(const char *src, int len, char *dest, int size)
Definition: encrypt.c:50
int db_mysql_load_cs_dbase(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1413
E char * desc_HelpServAlias
Definition: extern.h:324
E char * s_MemoServ
Definition: extern.h:286
E void pmodule_invis_umode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1171
EI int anope_event_vhost(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: rageircd.c:444
E void pmodule_cmd_svid_umode2(void(*func)(User *u, char *ts))
Definition: ircd.c:1033
E int slist_delete(SList *slist, int index)
Definition: slist.c:97
E void pmodule_cmd_chg_nick(void(*func)(char *oldnick, char *newnick))
Definition: ircd.c:954
EI int anope_event_setident(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: inspircd11.c:1380
E void os_init(void)
Definition: operserv.c:98
EI int anope_event_netctrl(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ultimate3.c:1538
E int check_chan_sqline(const char *chan)
Definition: operserv.c:1296
E char * ServiceHost
Definition: extern.h:277
E NewsItem * news
Definition: extern.h:911
E int RemotePort3
Definition: extern.h:269
int rdb_save_ns_alias(NickAlias *na)
Definition: rdb.c:265
E NickRequest * findrequestnick(const char *nick)
Definition: nickserv.c:1218
E void record_topic(const char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:1645
E char * EncModule
Definition: extern.h:580
E char * desc_GlobalNoticerAlias
Definition: extern.h:326
E int DefConModesSet
Definition: extern.h:974
EI int anope_event_nick(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:556
E int init_secondary(int ac, char **av)
Definition: init.c:476
E void pmodule_invite_cmode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1181
E void save_ns_req_dbase(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:846
E int tolower(char)
Definition: misc.c:52
E int myNumToken(const char *str, const char dilim)
Definition: misc.c:1112
int(* slist_enumcb_t)(SList *slist, int number, void *item, va_list args)
Definition: slist.h:44
E int WallSetpass
Definition: extern.h:469
E void pmodule_set_mod_current_buffer(void(*func)(int ac, char **av))
Definition: ircd.c:691
E int NSRegDelay
Definition: extern.h:379
E char ** ModulesDelayedAutoload
Definition: extern.h:479
E void expire_requests(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:1198
E int check_sgline(char *nick, const char *realname)
Definition: operserv.c:1074
E int got_alarm
Definition: extern.h:796
E void cs_set_flood(ChannelInfo *ci, char *value)
Definition: chanserv.c:2500
E int nickIsServices(char *nick, int bot)
Definition: misc.c:857
E unsigned char getrandom8(void)
Definition: misc.c:1042
Definition: services.h:1037
E void anope_cmd_318(char *source, char *who)
Definition: ircd.c:462
E int NickRegDelay
Definition: extern.h:356
E void pmodule_cmd_eob(void(*func)())
Definition: ircd.c:1066
E void collide(NickAlias *na, int from_timeout)
Definition: nickserv.c:1671
EI int anope_event_eob(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: hybrid.c:889
EI int anope_event_ns(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:591
E void pmodule_cmd_svid_umode3(void(*func)(User *u, char *ts))
Definition: ircd.c:1038
E void pmodule_cmd_376(void(*func)(char *source))
Definition: ircd.c:751
EI int anope_event_netglobal(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ultimate3.c:1653
E char * uplink
Definition: extern.h:35
E char * ts6_uid_retrieve(void)
Definition: servers.c:617
E char * base64enc(long i)
Definition: base64.c:23
E void get_hostserv_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: hostserv.c:45
E int WallDrop
Definition: extern.h:466
EI int anope_event_credits(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1483
E void event_process_hook(const char *name, int argc, char **argv)
Definition: events.c:153
int rdb_save_bs_core(BotInfo *bi)
Definition: rdb.c:301
E User * finduser(const char *nick)
Definition: users.c:323
int rdb_save_hs_core(HostCore *hc)
Definition: rdb.c:313
E int WallOSRaw
Definition: extern.h:460
E int RemotePort
Definition: extern.h:263
E char * s_ChanServAlias
Definition: extern.h:312
E void ms_init(void)
Definition: memoserv.c:38
E void expire_exceptions(void)
Definition: sessions.c:328
E int m_kill(char *nick, char *msg)
Definition: messages.c:49
E void anope_cmd_svskill(char *source, char *user, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:162
E void pmodule_cmd_part(void(*func)(char *nick, char *chan, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:864
E int open_log(void)
Definition: log.c:89
int rdb_ns_set_display(char *newnick, char *oldnick)
Definition: rdb.c:171
int32_t int32
Definition: db-merger.c:122
E Entry * elist_match_mask(EList *list, char *mask, uint32 ip)
Definition: channels.c:2375
E int m_away(char *source, char *msg)
Definition: messages.c:29
E int do_setmodes(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:1940
E BotInfo * findbot(char *nick)
Definition: db-merger.c:1989
E int entry_match(Entry *e, char *nick, char *user, char *host, uint32 ip)
Definition: channels.c:2272
char * db_mysql_quote_buffer(char *sql, int size)
Definition: mysql.c:191
E char * s_HelpServ
Definition: extern.h:288
E void modules_unload_all(boolean fini, boolean unload_proto)
Definition: modules.c:276
E void anope_cmd_privmsg2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: ircd.c:309
E void set_flood(Channel *chan, char *value)
Definition: channels.c:1972
E void entry_delete(EList *list, Entry *e)
Definition: channels.c:2221
E void save_bs_dbase(void)
Definition: botserv.c:491
E int do_on_id(User *u)
Definition: hostserv.c:582
E void anope_cmd_serv_notice(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: ircd.c:314
EI int ns_do_register(User *u)
Definition: ns_register.c:231
E int NumUlines
Definition: extern.h:515
E int protocoldebug
Definition: extern.h:783
E int servsock
Definition: extern.h:794
E Session * findsession(const char *host)
Definition: sessions.c:180
int rdb_scrub_table(char *table, char *clause)
Definition: rdb.c:138
E char * log_filename
Definition: extern.h:774
E int do_logonnews(User *u)
Definition: news.c:336
E char * HelpChannel
Definition: extern.h:279
E int add_szline(User *u, char *mask, const char *by, const time_t expires, const char *reason)
Definition: operserv.c:1380
char * MysqlPass
Definition: config.c:313
E void anope_cmd_remove_akill(char *user, char *host)
Definition: ircd.c:140
E void save_hs_dbase(void)
Definition: hostserv.c:504
EI int anope_event_burst(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1455
E Server * server_global(Server *s, char *msg)
Definition: operserv.c:668
E int m_version(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: messages.c:345
E void add_ban(Channel *chan, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:1338
E void do_part(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: channels.c:710
E void del_ban(Channel *chan, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:1779
E int check_should_voice(User *user, char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:1398
E void common_unban_full(ChannelInfo *ci, char *nick, boolean full)
Definition: actions.c:214
E char * flood_mode_char_remove
Definition: extern.h:42
EI int anope_event_bmask(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: charybdis.c:1763
E char ** Ulines
Definition: extern.h:514
E void restore_topic(char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:1673
int rdb_load_bs_dbase(void)
Definition: rdb.c:350
int MysqlRetryGap
Definition: config.c:319
E void sqline(char *mask, char *reason)
Definition: actions.c:82
int db_mysql_open()
Definition: mysql.c:94
MYSQL_RES * mysql_res
Definition: mysql.c:20
E char * merge_args(int argc, char **argv)
Definition: misc.c:180
E char * strerror(int errnum)
Definition: compat.c:123
int rdb_init()
Definition: rdb.c:18
EI int anope_event_sid(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: charybdis.c:1218
E void ModuleRemoveBackups(char *dbname)
Definition: datafiles.c:755
char * strsignal(int signum)
Definition: compat.c:142
E int NSListOpersOnly
Definition: extern.h:391
E Session * sessionlist[1024]
Definition: extern.h:1084
E int32 nsessions
Definition: extern.h:1085
E void pmodule_ircd_cumodes(CUMode modes[128])
Definition: ircd.c:1117
E const char version_flags[]
Definition: extern.h:771
E int isvalidchar(const char c)
Definition: misc.c:634
E int is_real_founder(User *user, ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2277
E char * s_BotServAlias
Definition: extern.h:314
EI int anope_event_whois(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:962
Command * c
Definition: ns_recover.c:17
E int HostServCoreNumber
Definition: extern.h:483
E void memoserv(User *u, char *buf)
Definition: memoserv.c:54
E void anope_cmd_vhost_off(User *u)
Definition: ircd.c:151
E int chan_get_user_status(Channel *chan, User *user)
Definition: channels.c:109
E Entry * entry_create(char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:2093
E int check_valid_admin(User *user, Channel *chan, int servermode)
Definition: chanserv.c:1255
E MailInfo * MailMemoBegin(NickCore *nc)
Definition: mail.c:153
E char * send_token(char *token1, char *token2)
Definition: misc.c:1095
u_int32_t uint32
Definition: db-merger.c:123
E void anope_cmd_sqline(char *mask, char *reason)
Definition: ircd.c:524
E char * BSFantasyCharacter
Definition: extern.h:427
E void init_tertiary()
Definition: init.c:777
E char * TS6SID
Definition: extern.h:1158
E int MemoServCoreNumber
Definition: extern.h:489
E void anope_cmd_sgline(char *mask, char *reason)
Definition: ircd.c:589
E uint32 uplink_capab
Definition: extern.h:1054
E void notice_help(char *source, User *dest, int message,...)
Definition: send.c:220
E void anope_cmd_351(char *source)
Definition: ircd.c:329
int db_mysql_close()
Definition: mysql.c:204
E int slist_indexof(SList *slist, void *item)
Definition: slist.c:317
E void alog(const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E char * myStrGetOnlyToken(const char *str, const char dilim, int token_number)
Definition: misc.c:685
EI int anope_event_sdesc(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: unreal32.c:1735
E int servernum
Definition: extern.h:615
E void add_ignore(const char *nick, time_t delta)
Definition: process.c:33
E uint16 netmask_to_cidr(uint32 mask)
Definition: misc.c:1514
int db_mysql_query(char *sql)
Definition: mysql.c:135
E int check_kick(User *user, char *chan, time_t chants)
Definition: chanserv.c:1500
E int ModulesDelayedNumber
Definition: extern.h:480
E void rand_init(void)
Definition: misc.c:977
int db_mysql_load_ns_req_dbase(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1718
E int CSListOpersOnly
Definition: extern.h:410
E void privmsg(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: send.c:303
E void anope_cmd_unsqline(char *user)
Definition: ircd.c:357
E char * get_redirect(Channel *chan)
Definition: channels.c:1894
int db_mysql_save_cs_info(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: mysql.c:520
int rdb_direct_query(char *query)
Definition: rdb.c:153
E int ExpireTimeout
Definition: extern.h:345
E int CSOpersOnly
Definition: extern.h:413
E int32 total_written
Definition: extern.h:1123
E int UseTS6
Definition: extern.h:364
E int m_motd(char *source)
Definition: messages.c:97
E int match_userip(const char *mask, User *user, char *host)
Definition: users.c:1038
E void pmodule_cmd_svsmode(void(*func)(User *u, int ac, char **av))
Definition: ircd.c:731
E char ** OperServCoreModules
Definition: extern.h:494
E void do_quit(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: users.c:854
E void clean_ns_timeouts(NickAlias *na)
Definition: nickserv.c:1860
E void reset_levels(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2233
E int AnonymousGlobal
Definition: extern.h:431
E void pmodule_cmd_bot_nick(void(*func)(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes))
Definition: ircd.c:773
E void pmodule_private_cmode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1191
E char * cs_get_flood(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2417
E HostCore * deleteHostCore(HostCore *head, HostCore *prev)
Definition: hostserv.c:268
E void display_news(User *u, int16 type)
Definition: news.c:269
E int is44
Definition: extern.h:789
int16_t int16
Definition: db-merger.c:120
E User * firstuser(void)
Definition: users.c:352
Definition: extern.h:358
E int HostNumber
Definition: extern.h:367
E void anope_cmd_svso(char *source, char *nick, char *flag)
Definition: ircd.c:534
E SList akills
Definition: extern.h:970
E Entry * entry_add(EList *list, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:2193
E LevelInfo levelinfo[]
Definition: extern.h:169
E void cancel_user(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:1067
E void anope_cmd_376(char *source)
Definition: ircd.c:195
E void anope_cmd_317(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:439
E void CleanAccess(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2755
EI int anope_event_swhois(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: unreal32.c:1715
E Server * findserver(Server *s, const char *name)
Definition: servers.c:261
E void anope_cmd_squit(char *servname, char *message)
Definition: ircd.c:529
E int is_founder(User *user, ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2255
E void pmodule_cmd_svid_umode(void(*func)(char *nick, time_t ts))
Definition: ircd.c:1023
E int m_privmsg(char *source, char *receiver, char *msg)
Definition: messages.c:130
E int nsCheckNickTracking(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:1998
E void check_modes(Channel *c)
Definition: chanserv.c:1081
int db_mysql_try(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: mysql.c:218
E void pmodule_ircd_csmodes(char mode[128])
Definition: ircd.c:1151
E char ** NickServCoreModules
Definition: extern.h:497
E int NSAddAccessOnReg
Definition: extern.h:400
int db_mysql_load_news(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1190
E void pmodule_cmd_242(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:914
E int UseTokens
Definition: extern.h:360
E void event_message_process(char *eventbuf)
Definition: events.c:83
EI int anope_event_capab(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:575
E void delHostCore(char *nick)
Definition: hostserv.c:345
E int delchan(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2063
E int debug
Definition: extern.h:775
EI int anope_event_os(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:582
E void expire_akills(void)
Definition: operserv.c:912
E char * desc_MemoServAlias
Definition: extern.h:322
EI int anope_event_chgident(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: inspircd11.c:1399
E int AkillOnAdd
Definition: extern.h:444
#define E
Definition: extern.h:18
E int is_services_admin(User *u)
Definition: operserv.c:591
E int split_buf(char *buf, char ***argv, int colon_special)
Definition: process.c:270
E void disconn(ano_socket_t s)
Definition: sockutil.c:632
E void set_limit(Channel *chan, char *value)
Definition: channels.c:2011
E void save_cs_dbase(void)
Definition: chanserv.c:850
E void anope_cmd_svspart(char *source, char *nick, char *chan)
Definition: ircd.c:629
E int ForkForMail
Definition: extern.h:375
E void finish_sync(Server *serv, int sync_links)
Definition: servers.c:531
E char * host_resolve(char *host)
Definition: misc.c:1134
E char * GlobalOnCycleMessage
Definition: extern.h:432
char * db_mysql_quote(char *sql)
Definition: mysql.c:169
E void pmodule_cmd_311(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:884
E void pmodule_cmd_join(void(*func)(char *user, char *channel, time_t chantime))
Definition: ircd.c:848
E void slist_pack(SList *slist)
Definition: slist.c:344
E long unsigned int UserKey2
Definition: extern.h:576
E char * get_unkwn(Channel *chan)
Definition: channels.c:1903
E int save_data
Definition: extern.h:795
E int m_stats(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: messages.c:253
E int exception_add(User *u, const char *mask, const int limit, const char *reason, const char *who, const time_t expires)
Definition: sessions.c:509
E int anope_get_oper_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1216
E void MailEnd(MailInfo *mail)
Definition: mail.c:206
E int read_config(int reload)
Definition: config.c:894
E void do_listnicks(int ac, char **av)
Definition: list.c:24
E int NSDefFlags
Definition: extern.h:377
EI int anope_event_snotice(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: viagra.c:1537
E void save_exceptions(void)
Definition: sessions.c:453
E int enc_encrypt_check_len(int passlen, int bufsize)
Definition: encrypt.c:66
E void listchans(int count_only, const char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:191
int db_mysql_save_hs_core(HostCore *hc)
Definition: mysql.c:1037
E void get_user_stats(long *nusers, long *memuse)
Definition: users.c:285
E void del_exception(Channel *chan, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:1808
E void pmodule_cmd_318(void(*func)(char *source, char *who))
Definition: ircd.c:909
EI int anope_event_motd(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1037
E char * SessionLimitExceeded
Definition: extern.h:511
E void save_ns_req_rdb_dbase(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:946
E void hostserv(User *u, char *buf)
Definition: hostserv.c:88
E char * s_HostServ
Definition: extern.h:303
E NickAlias * nalists[1024]
Definition: extern.h:923
E void protocol_debug(char *source, char *cmd, int argc, char **argv)
Definition: misc.c:773
E int32 nnews
Definition: extern.h:910
E long base64dects(char *ts)
Definition: base64.c:394
E void pmodule_cmd_250(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:874
E void alpha_insert_chan(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: db-merger.c:2010
E void get_session_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: sessions.c:69
E int logchan
Definition: extern.h:777
E int AutokillExpiry
Definition: extern.h:439
E int WallOSNoOp
Definition: extern.h:458
E void add_entropy_userkeys(void)
Definition: misc.c:1028
E char * s_DevNullAlias
Definition: extern.h:318
E void anope_cmd_unban(char *name, char *nick)
Definition: ircd.c:594
E int skeleton
Definition: extern.h:778
E void load_bs_dbase(void)
Definition: botserv.c:435
int rdb_load_hs_dbase(void)
Definition: rdb.c:362
E void anope_cmd_unszline(char *mask)
Definition: ircd.c:579
E char * ChanDBName
Definition: extern.h:334
E void bot_join(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: botserv.c:745
int db_mysql_save_ns_core(NickCore *nc)
Definition: mysql.c:347
EI int anope_event_sqline(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1418
EI int anope_event_error(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1403
E int MSMemoReceipt
Definition: extern.h:418
E int32 total_read
Definition: extern.h:1123
E char * create_mask(User *u)
Definition: users.c:1122
E void anope_cmd_bot_chan_mode(char *nick, char *chan)
Definition: ircd.c:324
E int KillonSQline
Definition: extern.h:446
E char * RemoteServer3
Definition: extern.h:268
E int NSStrictPrivileges
Definition: extern.h:395
E int anope_get_key_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1236
E char * s_HostServAlias
Definition: extern.h:319
E void pmodule_ircd_version(char *version)
Definition: ircd.c:1107
E void anope_cmd_chg_nick(char *oldnick, char *newnick)
Definition: ircd.c:539
E int NSListMax
Definition: extern.h:392
E const char version_number[]
Definition: extern.h:767
E int validate_user(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:990
E int NSNoGroupChange
Definition: extern.h:390
E User * nc_on_chan(Channel *c, NickCore *nc)
Definition: channels.c:533
E int check_should_protect(User *user, char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:1457
E char * NSGuestNickPrefix
Definition: extern.h:393
EI int anope_event_luserslock(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1473
E User * next_uid(void)
Definition: users.c:419
int rdb_clean_table(char *table)
Definition: rdb.c:113
E int delmemo(MemoInfo *mi, int num)
Definition: memoserv.c:364
E char * get_flood(Channel *chan)
Definition: channels.c:1860
E int CSDefFlags
Definition: extern.h:402
E int NSAllowKillImmed
Definition: extern.h:389
E void ntoa(struct in_addr addr, char *ipaddr, int len)
Definition: misc.c:1198
E void lang_init(void)
Definition: language.c:178
E void pmodule_cmd_unszline(void(*func)(char *mask))
Definition: ircd.c:996
E int check_topiclock(Channel *c, time_t topic_time)
Definition: chanserv.c:1721
E int LimitSessions
Definition: extern.h:503
E void cs_set_key(ChannelInfo *ci, char *value)
Definition: chanserv.c:2538
E HostCore * insertHostCore(HostCore *head, HostCore *prev, char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vHost, char *creator, int32 tmp_time)
Definition: hostserv.c:212
E int LocalPort
Definition: extern.h:272
E void anope_cmd_mode(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:211
E void get_aliases_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: nickserv.c:155
EI int anope_event_away(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1291
E int str_is_cidr(char *str, uint32 *ip, uint32 *mask, char **host)
Definition: misc.c:1602
Definition: slist.h:20
EI int anope_event_gnotice(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1424
E int MaxSessionLimit
Definition: extern.h:507
E int32 write_buffer_len(void)
Definition: sockutil.c:191
int db_mysql_load_ns_dbase(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1763
E void pmodule_cmd_401(void(*func)(char *source, char *who))
Definition: ircd.c:904
E char * desc_BotServ
Definition: extern.h:295
E int str_is_wildcard(const char *str)
Definition: misc.c:1531
E void anope_cmd_312(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:426
E Server * serv_uplink
Definition: extern.h:1053
E void do_kill(char *source, char *reason)
Definition: users.c:889
EI int anope_event_pass(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1429
E int WallOper
Definition: extern.h:448
E int CSExpire
Definition: extern.h:404
E int16 nexceptions
Definition: extern.h:1082
E void ModuleRunTimeDirCleanUp(void)
Definition: modules.c:2880
E void pmodule_cmd_svso(void(*func)(char *source, char *nick, char *flag))
Definition: ircd.c:949
E int GlobalOnDefcon
Definition: extern.h:569
E int DisableRaw
Definition: extern.h:447
E void pmodule_cmd_serv_privmsg(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *msg))
Definition: ircd.c:821
E char * getvHost(char *nick)
Definition: hostserv.c:315
E char ** ServicesRoots
Definition: extern.h:434
EI int anope_event_invite(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: charybdis.c:1758
E int nbots
Definition: extern.h:65
E void pmodule_cmd_317(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:894
E void do_cmode(const char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: channels.c:1183
E int ChankillExpiry
Definition: extern.h:440
E void pmodule_secret_cmode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1186
E int WallAkillExpire
Definition: extern.h:461
E int toupper(char)
Definition: misc.c:35
E void pmodule_cmd_391(void(*func)(char *source, char *timestr))
Definition: ircd.c:869
E int decode_ip(char *buf)
Definition: base64.c:304
E void nsStopNickTracking(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:1984
E void anope_cmd_bob()
Definition: ircd.c:559
E CMMode cmmodes[128]
Definition: extern.h:46
E int quitting
Definition: extern.h:790
EI int anope_event_436(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:626
E void pmodule_cmd_remove_akill(void(*func)(char *user, char *host))
Definition: ircd.c:701
E void anope_cmd_svsnoop(char *server, int set)
Definition: ircd.c:135
E int NSReleaseTimeout
Definition: extern.h:388
E void pmodule_ircd_cbmodes(CBMode modes[128])
Definition: ircd.c:1135
E void nickserv(User *u, char *buf)
Definition: nickserv.c:244
E long unsigned int UserKey1
Definition: extern.h:575
E void load_news(void)
Definition: news.c:153
int db_mysql_load_exceptions(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1232
int(* slist_delcheckcb_t)(SList *slist, void *item, va_list args)
Definition: slist.h:46
E void bot_raw_ban(User *requester, ChannelInfo *ci, char *nick, char *reason)
Definition: botserv.c:916
E void anope_cmd_connect(int servernum)
Definition: ircd.c:554
E char * langnames[NUM_LANGS]
Definition: extern.h:727
Definition: extern.h:357
E void pmodule_cmd_szline(void(*func)(char *mask, char *reason, char *whom))
Definition: ircd.c:1002
E char * myStrGetToken(const char *str, const char dilim, int token_number)
Definition: misc.c:654
E void anope_cmd_307(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:400
int rdb_open()
Definition: rdb.c:31
E int NewsCount
Definition: extern.h:361
E void anope_cmd_notice(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:257
E int HideStatsO
Definition: extern.h:429
EI int anope_event_notice(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1413
E void expire_chans(void)
Definition: chanserv.c:1785
int UseRDB
Definition: config.c:320
E void pmodule_cmd_notice_ops(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:787
E void pmodule_cmd_release_svshold(void(*func)(char *nick))
Definition: ircd.c:986
E IgnoreData * get_ignore(const char *nick)
Definition: process.c:106
E void save_ns_dbase(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:768
int rdb_tag_table_where(char *table, char *clause)
Definition: rdb.c:86
E char * s_MemoServAlias
Definition: extern.h:313
E char * LogChannel
Definition: extern.h:280
E int NickLen
Definition: extern.h:282
E int CSAccessMax
Definition: extern.h:406
E int StrictPasswords
Definition: extern.h:341
E void anope_cmd_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:296
E void add_exception(Channel *chan, char *mask)
Definition: channels.c:1377
E int sgetc(ano_socket_t s)
Definition: sockutil.c:375
E char * desc_OperServAlias
Definition: extern.h:325
E char ** ModulesAutoload
Definition: extern.h:477
E void anope_cmd_serv_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: ircd.c:319
E SList szlines
Definition: extern.h:970
E void binary_to_hex(unsigned char *bin, char *hex, int length)
Definition: misc.c:67
E ChannelInfo * cs_findchan(const char *chan)
Definition: db-merger.c:2000
E Server * findserver_uid(Server *s, const char *name)
Definition: servers.c:298
E void * srealloc(void *oldptr, long newsize)
Definition: memory.c:80
E void anope_cmd_action(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:275
E int is_services_oper(User *u)
Definition: operserv.c:606
E int match_usermask_full(const char *mask, User *user, boolean full)
Definition: users.c:1029
EI int anope_event_topic(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:970
E BotInfo * makebot(char *nick)
Definition: botserv.c:578
E char * PIDFilename
Definition: extern.h:330
E void pmodule_cmd_unban(void(*func)(char *name, char *nick))
Definition: ircd.c:1012
E const char version_number_dotted[]
Definition: extern.h:768
E ChanAccess * get_access_entry(NickCore *nc, ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2310
E void pmodule_cmd_notice(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:792
E void bot_raw_mode(User *requester, ChannelInfo *ci, char *mode, char *nick)
Definition: botserv.c:1048
EI int anope_event_svsinfo(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: ptlink.c:651
E void anope_cmd_unsgline(char *mask)
Definition: ircd.c:574
E Server * servlist
Definition: extern.h:1051
E void insert_requestnick(NickRequest *nr)
Definition: nickserv.c:1391
E void slist_init(SList *slist)
Definition: slist.c:302
Definition: services.h:416
E ChannelInfo DefConModesCI
Definition: extern.h:977
E void get_exception_stats(long *nrec, long *memuse)
Definition: sessions.c:86
E char * AutokillDBName
Definition: extern.h:337
E time_t DefContimer
Definition: extern.h:1015
E int MSSendDelay
Definition: extern.h:416
int rdb_save_cs_info(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: rdb.c:289
int rdb_empty_table(char *table)
Definition: rdb.c:100
E int levelinfo_maxwidth
Definition: extern.h:224
E void chan_set_throttle(Channel *chan, char *value)
Definition: channels.c:1985
E void helpserv_init(void)
Definition: helpserv.c:37
E int RestrictMail
Definition: extern.h:372
EI int anope_event_join(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:1028
E int NSResendDelay
Definition: extern.h:380
E BotInfo * botlists[256]
Definition: extern.h:64
E void pmodule_cmd_akill(void(*func)(char *user, char *host, char *who, time_t when, time_t expires, char *reason))
Definition: ircd.c:718
EI int anope_event_globops(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: rageircd.c:1498
E char * cs_get_unkwn(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2493
E int KeepLogs
Definition: extern.h:349
E void capab_parse(int ac, char **av)
Definition: servers.c:451
E int check_valid_op(User *user, Channel *chan, int servermode)
Definition: chanserv.c:1290
E char * cs_get_limit(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2458
E int DefSessionLimit
Definition: extern.h:504
E char * DefConOffMessage
Definition: extern.h:573
E void bs_init(void)
Definition: botserv.c:71
E int ForceForbidReason
Definition: extern.h:351
E char * cs_get_throttle(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2432
E char * desc_HelpServ
Definition: extern.h:296
E void pmodule_cmd_guest_nick(void(*func)(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes))
Definition: ircd.c:761
void error(int linenum, const char *message,...)
Definition: config.c:648
int rdb_tag_table(char *table)
Definition: rdb.c:75
E void common_svsmode(User *u, char *modes, char *arg)
Definition: actions.c:228
E void memo_send(User *u, char *name, char *text, int z)
Definition: memoserv.c:198
E void * smalloc(long size)
Definition: memory.c:30
E int CSInhabit
Definition: extern.h:409
E char ** buildStringList(char *src, int *number)
Definition: misc.c:1211
E void chan_delete(Channel *c)
Definition: channels.c:1707
E char * ServerName
Definition: extern.h:274
E int AddAkiller
Definition: extern.h:470
E NickCore * nclists[1024]
Definition: extern.h:924
EI int anope_event_tctrl(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: viagra.c:655
E int enc_decrypt(const char *src, char *dest, int size)
Definition: encrypt.c:80
E void change_core_display(NickCore *nc, char *newdisplay)
Definition: nickserv.c:1416
E int HelpServCoreNumber
Definition: extern.h:486
E int forceload
Definition: extern.h:780
E Channel * nextchan(void)
Definition: channels.c:441
E char ** MemoServCoreModules
Definition: extern.h:488
E void chan_set_correct_modes(User *user, Channel *c, int give_modes)
Definition: channels.c:1436
E int do_exception(User *u)
Definition: sessions.c:663
E int defconParseModeString(const char *str)
Definition: operserv.c:1703
E void save_rdb_news(void)
Definition: news.c:234
char version[1024]
E void listnicks(int count_only, const char *nick)
Definition: nickserv.c:49
#define EI
Definition: extern.h:19
int ano_socket_t
Definition: sockets.h:32
E void cs_init(void)
Definition: chanserv.c:380
E void pmodule_valid_chan(int(*func)(char *chan))
Definition: ircd.c:1087
E void update_cs_lastseen(User *user, ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2362
E void pmodule_cmd_privmsg(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:804
E char * s_ChanServ
Definition: extern.h:285
E uint32 DefConModesOn
Definition: extern.h:975
E int slist_add(SList *slist, void *item)
Definition: slist.c:29
E void pmodule_cmd_svshold(void(*func)(char *nick))
Definition: ircd.c:981
E int32 news_size
Definition: extern.h:910
EI int anope_event_cs(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:618
E void chan_remove_user_status(Channel *chan, User *user, int16 status)
Definition: channels.c:143
E int check_szline(char *nick, char *ip)
Definition: operserv.c:1461
EI int anope_event_part(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:954
E int get_access(User *user, ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2332
E void do_listchans(int ac, char **av)
Definition: list.c:113
EI int anope_event_chghost(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: inspircd11.c:1470
E int match_wild(const char *pattern, const char *str)
Definition: misc.c:255
E void chan_adduser2(User *user, Channel *c)
Definition: channels.c:1609
EI int anope_event_482(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: rageircd.c:1262
E int GlobalOnDefconMore
Definition: extern.h:570
E size_t strlcat(char *, const char *, size_t)
Definition: misc.c:1263
int db_mysql_save_ns_req(NickRequest *nr)
Definition: mysql.c:304
E int anope_get_permchan_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1246
E void ts6_uid_init(void)
Definition: servers.c:584
E int strftime_lang(char *buf, int size, User *u, int format, struct tm *tm)
Definition: language.c:240
E int str_is_pure_wildcard(const char *str)
Definition: misc.c:1547
E void E void log_perror(const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E void pmodule_cmd_serv_notice(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *msg))
Definition: ircd.c:816
E int anope_check_sync(const char *name)
Definition: servers.c:335
E void pmodule_jointhrottle_mode_check(int(*func)(char *value))
Definition: ircd.c:1159
E char * s_NickServ
Definition: extern.h:284
E u_int32_t getrandom32(void)
Definition: misc.c:1076
E char * get_key(Channel *chan)
Definition: channels.c:1874
E User * userlist[1024]
Definition: extern.h:1138
E int m_whois(char *source, char *who)
Definition: messages.c:366
E SList sqlines
Definition: extern.h:970
E int MSMaxMemos
Definition: extern.h:415
E int match_usermask(const char *mask, User *user)
Definition: users.c:1024
E void cs_remove_bot(const BotInfo *bi)
Definition: chanserv.c:1931
E int add_sqline(User *u, char *mask, const char *by, const time_t expires, const char *reason)
Definition: operserv.c:1159
E int is_host_setter(User *u)
Definition: hostserv.c:614
E SList servopers
Definition: extern.h:972
E char * RemotePassword2
Definition: extern.h:267
E void anope_cmd_ctcp(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:672
E int NSAccessMax
Definition: extern.h:385
E void pmodule_cmd_topic(void(*func)(char *whosets, char *chan, char *whosetit, char *topic, time_t when))
Definition: ircd.c:706
E MemoInfo * getmemoinfo(const char *name, int *ischan, int *isforbid)
Definition: memoserv.c:144
E int b64_encode(char *src, size_t srclength, char *target, size_t targsize)
Definition: base64.c:106
E void pmodule_cmd_quit(void(*func)(char *source, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:837
E char * ServiceUser
Definition: extern.h:276
E char * version_protocol
Definition: extern.h:770
E int is_host_remover(User *u)
Definition: hostserv.c:639
E Server * me_server
Definition: extern.h:1052
E void E void E void E void E void notice_list(char *source, char *dest, char **text)
Definition: send.c:143
E int ChanServCoreNumber
Definition: extern.h:501
E void pmodule_ircd_useTSMode(int use)
Definition: ircd.c:1164
E HostCore * hostCoreListHead()
Definition: hostserv.c:116
E void pmodule_oper_umode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1176
E int UseStrictPrivMsg
Definition: extern.h:353
E Server * new_server(Server *uplink, const char *name, const char *desc, uint16 flags, char *suid)
Definition: servers.c:119
E int BSGentleBWReason
Definition: extern.h:425
E int noexpire
Definition: extern.h:782
E void anope_cmd_bot_nick(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes)
Definition: ircd.c:224
E void pmodule_flood_mode_check(int(*func)(char *value))
Definition: ircd.c:1092
E const char * get_xop_level(int level)
Definition: chanserv.c:2628
E int anope_jointhrottle_mode_check(char *value)
Definition: ircd.c:649
E void anope_cmd_quit(char *source, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:334
E void change_user_realname(User *user, const char *realname)
Definition: users.c:147
E ChannelInfo * makechan(const char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:2042
E int anope_get_invis_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1211
E void pmodule_ircd_cbmodeinfos(CBModeInfo *modeinfos)
Definition: ircd.c:1112
E void anope_cmd_jupe(char *jserver, char *who, char *reason)
Definition: ircd.c:656
E int delayed_quit
Definition: extern.h:791
E int NSForceEmail
Definition: extern.h:383
E int slist_remove(SList *slist, void *item)
Definition: slist.c:362
E void pmodule_cmd_sqline(void(*func)(char *mask, char *reason))
Definition: ircd.c:939
E void pmodule_cmd_privmsg2(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *msg))
Definition: ircd.c:810
int db_mysql_save_bs_core(BotInfo *bi)
Definition: mysql.c:1079
E char * desc_NickServAlias
Definition: extern.h:320
E char ** HostSetters
Definition: extern.h:366
E User * do_nick(const char *source, char *nick, char *username, char *host, char *server, char *realname, time_t ts, uint32 svid, uint32 ip, char *vhost, char *uid)
Definition: users.c:500
E Channel * chan_create(char *chan, time_t ts)
Definition: channels.c:1670
E void pmodule_cmd_connect(void(*func)(int servernum))
Definition: ircd.c:971
E Server * first_server(int flags)
Definition: servers.c:64
E void pmodule_cmd_global_legacy(void(*func)(char *source, char *fmt))
Definition: ircd.c:934
E Server * next_server(int flags)
Definition: servers.c:81
E Exception * find_host_exception(const char *host)
Definition: sessions.c:351
MYSQL * mysql
Definition: mypasql.c:5
E int WallGetpass
Definition: extern.h:468
E int DefCon[6]
Definition: extern.h:562
E void pmodule_cmd_mode(void(*func)(char *source, char *dest, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:768
E void save_os_rdb_dbase(void)
Definition: operserv.c:499
E char * common_get_vhost(User *u)
Definition: actions.c:251
E int UsePrivmsg
Definition: extern.h:352
E void pmodule_limit_mode(int mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1201
E uint32 str_is_ip(char *str)
Definition: misc.c:1565
E int SGLineExpiry
Definition: extern.h:441
#define vsnprintf
Definition: extern.h:236
E int MailValidate(const char *email)
Definition: mail.c:296
E int WallOSMode
Definition: extern.h:451
Definition: extern.h:43
E void anope_cmd_svid_umode(char *nick, time_t ts)
Definition: ircd.c:604
E char * Numeric
Definition: extern.h:362
char * MysqlUser
Definition: config.c:312
E void load_ns_req_db(void)
Definition: nickserv.c:527
E void pmodule_cmd_svskill(void(*func)(char *source, char *user, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:726
E void pmodule_cmd_svsmode_chan(void(*func)(char *name, char *mode, char *nick))
Definition: ircd.c:1018
E char * DefConAKILL
Definition: extern.h:567
E void pmodule_ircd_flood_mode_char_set(char *mode)
Definition: ircd.c:1125
E int anope_valid_nick(char *nick)
Definition: ircd.c:661
EI int anope_event_mode(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: bahamut.c:995
E int TimeoutCheck
Definition: extern.h:348
EI int anope_event_setname(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: inspircd11.c:1342
E char * BotDBName
Definition: extern.h:335
#define BUFSIZE
Definition: config.h:47
E int anope_get_invite_mode()
Definition: ircd.c:1221
E int check_should_halfop(User *user, char *chan)
Definition: chanserv.c:1418
E void pmodule_cmd_312(void(*func)(char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:889
E const char version_build[]
Definition: extern.h:769
E void anope_cmd_372_error(char *source)
Definition: ircd.c:185
E void change_user_host(User *user, const char *host)
Definition: users.c:129
E char * strnrepl(char *s, int32 size, const char *old, const char *new)
Definition: misc.c:144
E void resetDefCon(int level)
Definition: operserv.c:1616
E int RootNumber
Definition: extern.h:435
E char * s_GlobalNoticer
Definition: extern.h:290
E char * DefConAkillReason
Definition: extern.h:572
E void anope_cmd_eob()
Definition: ircd.c:639
E void anope_cmd_219(char *source, char *who)
Definition: ircd.c:452
int db_mysql_load_hs_dbase(void)
Definition: mysql.c:1154
E char * encode_ip(unsigned char *ip)
Definition: base64.c:283
E char * normalizeBuffer(char *)
Definition: botserv.c:1101
E void anope_cmd_notice_ops(char *source, char *dest, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:244
E char * s_NickServAlias
Definition: extern.h:311
E char * common_get_vident(User *u)
Definition: actions.c:272
E char * s_DevNull
Definition: extern.h:291
E void anope_cmd_global(char *source, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:506
E void pmodule_cmd_global(void(*func)(char *source, char *buf))
Definition: ircd.c:929
E CSModeUtil csmodeutils[]
Definition: extern.h:168
E void do_mass_mode(char *modes)
Definition: channels.c:2044
EI int anope_event_tmode(char *source, int ac, char **av)
Definition: charybdis.c:1570
E MailInfo * MailRegBegin(User *u, NickRequest *nr, char *subject, char *service)
Definition: mail.c:29
E int add_session(char *nick, char *host, char *hostip)
Definition: sessions.c:205
E char * str_signed(unsigned char *str)
Definition: misc.c:1169
E void nsStartNickTracking(User *u)
Definition: nickserv.c:1962
E void memo_send_from(User *u, char *name, char *text, int z, char *source)
Definition: memoserv.c:217
E void anope_cmd_svsnick(char *nick, char *newnick, time_t when)
Definition: ircd.c:544
u_int16_t uint16
Definition: db-merger.c:121
E int WallOSSZLine
Definition: extern.h:457
E Channel * chanlist[1024]
Definition: extern.h:88
E uint32 DefConModesOff
Definition: extern.h:976
E void stick_all(ChannelInfo *ci)
Definition: chanserv.c:2729
E void pmodule_cmd_219(void(*func)(char *source, char *letter))
Definition: ircd.c:899
E int LogUsers
Definition: extern.h:355
E void anope_cmd_311(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:413
E void expire_sglines(void)
Definition: operserv.c:1103