When I run "make", I get an error message like "missing separator", "Unassociated shell command", "Unexpected end of line seen", etc.

Your make program isn't compatible with the Makefile for Anope. The Makefile was designed to work with GNU make,

and as such may not work on other systems' "make" programs. If you get an error from "make", obtain GNU make from

ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/ (or wherever you prefer) and use it instead of your system's default "make". Note that GNU make may

already be installed on your system; try using the command "gmake" instead of "make". The make programs bundled with SunOS/Solaris

and FreeBSD have been reported not to work; you will need to use GNU make on these systems.

I get an error like "Makefile.inc not found".

You forgot to run the Config script first. See the INSTALL file for compilation instructions.

I typed "./services" at the command line, but nothing happened!

Anope puts itself in the background when it starts, so you get your shell prompt right back. Meanwhile, Anope will

continue setting up, then connect to the IRC server specified in services.conf (or on the command line). If it doesn't connect, you

probably specified the wrong server type in the configuration file. (Also make sure that you are actually running one of the

supported servers. There are a gazillion different variations on the basic IRC protocol out there, and we have neither the time nor

the desire to add support for them.) The recommended server, under which Epona (the original code base used by Anope) was developed,

is Bahamut. DreamForge 4.6.7 will also work fine, but it's a bit obsolete nowadays. Derivatives of Bahamut and DreamForge may also

work, if they don't change the server<->server protocol too much; contact their authors for more information. Most people, though,

are running Anope with UnrealIRCd, UltimateIRCd or Bahamut. As always, you can check the log file (services.log by default) for error

messages. You can also start services with the -nofork command line option to prevent it from running in the background, and it will

output the messages written to the log file to the console as well.

Whenever I start Anope, I get a message on my IRC server saying "connection refused" or something similar, and Anope gives an error message from the server saying "Closing Link: ...".

See section 3 of the INSTALL file.

My IRC server is giving me messages like "Connection to services.whatever.net[] activated" and then "Access denied -- no N line". Why?

This is typically caused by including a port number in the C:line for services, which tells your server to try to

autoconnect to it (depending on the class (Y:line) settings). This is not what you want, because Anope will connect to the server

itself, but does not listen for servers to connect to it. The solution is to remove the port number from the C:line.

When I say "/connect services.*", it doesn't work!

Of course not. RTFM (Read The Fine Manual), and see the previous answer.

Anope starts up okay, but if I try to register a nickname, it comes back with "Sorry, registration failed."

Make sure you've selected the correct IRC server type in the configure script; see question 2.4 for details.

Anope reports (via /stats u or /msg OperServ STATS) a different number of users online than I get from doing /lusers.

Anope doesn't count its own pseudo-clients (NickServ, ChanServ, etc.) in its user count, while the IRC server