Anope Next Generation Ideas

Anope Next Generation (Anope NG) is a collection of ideas, and proof of concept testing /development in order to pull the almost stable 1.7.x branch of Anope into the 21st Century kicking and screaming.
We have set up a channel on our support network ( #anope-ng) where users can liaise with experienced developers from the irc world and anope staff alike to help shape what the future of Anope could look like.

We're keen to hear from you regardless of whether you can implement your ideas or not; but most of all, we want you to be involved in the continued development of the Anope project and without getting involved we can't make the product you want!

WANTED: If you write C/C++ and have a vested interest in IRC, we want to speak to you! Similarly, if you are from an adventurous IRC Network keen to try new things and have supportive users (read: guinea pigs) again, get in touch.

Anope NG is a C++ evolution of the current codebase, but a *lot* is going to change -- there is no feature freeze involved here. If you've been put off by things you've seen in the code before, come and talk to us.

Posted on Tuesday, September 30th at 18:43:05 by chaz