Contributors & Testers Wanted

As the Summer draws in we all find ourselves with less time due to the attraction of some sunshine and beer.

With this in mind we are calling out for people who use Anope to give back to their community and help us move forward.

We need:

* Testers for both branches, particularly on Windows. (Even if you don't run your network on Windows but do run Windows on your PC using your databases in a testnet would be very helpful)

* Code contributors on the development branch who fancy getting stuck in. (Check out the gitweb link for the todo)

* Some folks who like PHP/Graphics Design to help develop phpAnope

* Some nice folks to sit in #anope and on the forums helping those who are struggling to get Anope going. We were all newbies once.

In return you will get a feeling of satisfaction in helping further your project and your community and the opportunity to get stuck in with the newest features and contribute to the direction of the project.

Mail me if you're interested.... (the alternative is that things will slow to a crawl and we don't want that do we?)

Posted on Thursday, June 24th at 09:55:06 by chaz