Anope 2.0.8 Release

Anope 2.0.8 has been released, which contains bug fixes, and several new features.

The notable changes includes:

Add +K channel mode for ircd-hybrid
Add immutable identifiers to user accounts
Fix build on systems that use musl libc
Fix help of global/global not showing the correct origin nick
Fix not removing vhosts when an nick is dropped
Fix parsing channel metadata on InspIRCd 3+
Fix parsing kicks on InspIRCd 3+
Fix parsing topic changes on InspIRCd 3+
Fix topiclock on InspIRCd
Modernize the ircd-hybrid protocol module

All users are recommended to upgrade.

SHA256 Sum: 973dec497af616170c7e20cbd95ab54c293cb3ffede3139054330231211785be anope-2.0.8.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: 92e3af5ce517f7e2dd102b681a8edc1662a576ff678b5477252900a76d8e8003 anope-2.0.8.exe

Posted on Thursday, October 8th at 01:13:02 by Sadie